Friday, February 5, 2010

Sorry, T.J., But How's That Crow Taste?

When Democratic city-county councillor Doris Minton-McNeil was arrested for battery (she was ultimately found not guilty), Marion County GOP Chair Tom John issued the following statement calling for her resignation:

"We are deeply saddened that once again a Democrat member of the City-County Council has shown such public contempt for law enforcement and disregard for the laws of our great city and the State of Indiana. The citizens of Indianapolis demand leaders who are servants of the law, not people who think they are above it."

I'm sorry, but how can you not read this statement and laugh? Durham? Brizzi? Plowman?

I don't mind saying that I've had some extremely harsh words for Democrats (including Minton-McNeil) who embarrass the party with their imbecilic conduct. But in my mind, there's a far difference between somebody who has too much to drink and acts foolish and somebody who auctions off his office to the highest bidder.

When Tom John publicly calls for Plowman's resignation, as requested by Democratic Party Chair Ed Treacy, that's when you'll know he's serious about getting rid of people "who think they are above" the law.



Anonymous said...

I laugh at everything he writes. Did you see that rambling series of love notes he and Scott Newman passed each other about "finally getting it right" with their 3rd candidate for Prosecutor Mark Masser?

Do they need to convince each other of this latest pick, or do they secretly call each other late at night, whispering to each other their deep dark secrets of GOP Man-Love of short bald guys holding political office?

This whole GOP party is just nonsense. Not even Mitey Mitch's wallet will buy them this election.

Anonymous said...

Spell check, Chris.

Akla said...

Remember, do as they say, not as they do.

I am repeatedly embarrased by the actions and words of pelosi, reid, bayh and others in the dem party, but I am wary and weary of the repeated criminal and immoral acts of the gop as they run on about their family values.

Will the star investigate and report? Outrage on Faux news? I think not.

Anonymous said...

The word is ultimately.

Chris Worden said...

I'm sorry to everybody for being grammatically disastrous today. Hopefully, everything is right now. Sometimes I post on the fly, and that's not conducive to proof-reading.

Anonymous said...

The difference is a detailed police report that is public record. Plowman went up to McNeil after she returned, and offered her any support he could for her. Sad that the Democratic Blogosphere doesn't offer him the same respect.

A recent post on his craigslistings with your speculative questions is shameful, and the lowest form of blogging.

I expected this hackery from Terry Burns, but you are better than that.