Thursday, February 4, 2010

iPOPA Rebuttal: Rokita's Folks Change Report?

The day before yesterday, I wrote what I thought would be a funny little post about how Richard Mourdock, our state treasurer, had a campaign finance report that didn't add up. While it's not like that error would doom Mourdock's re-election campaign, you'd hope a treasurer can get the finances right, or that his campaign treasurer could, as Mourdock ostensibly oversees those efforts.

The day after my post, an "anonymous" railed on me, stating my numbers were wrong. I found that hard to believe, as I'd studied them carefully and even cut and paste the numbers into an Excel spreadsheet. I went back to the Secretary of State's website, and sure enough, the numbers were right but certainly unfamiliar. When I went home, I double-checked, and what I recorded was not what was now reflected on-line.

Which one of these things is not like the other one?


Even though there is no record of any Mourdock amendment, the on-line numbers somehow changed. I am writing to the co-directors of the Election Division to obtain an explanation, which I will provide later. But the short of it is that I was right, Anonymous.


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Anonymous said...

Why don't you take the aluminum foil off your head and give up on this one? Maybe it was just a computer screw up. The election board's e-filing system is very clunky.