Thursday, February 25, 2010

Addendum to B Dubya Piece

I forgot to discuss this in my previous Brian Williams piece...

One of the things that irritates me in politics is when people cross a line to achieve a result that would have happened anyway.

Two different sources reported to Brian Williams that an effort to challenge his PCs was being orchestrated out of Marion County Democratic Party HQ and that calls were made regarding the same from MCDP phones.

If true (and I'm trying to confirm now), this bothers me.

Even if party leadership had the belief a particular candidate is favored for an office, you don't visibly play favorites until after slating. To do so certainly reinforces Williams' belief that the party was never going to give him a fair shake at slating, so why not try to oust some folks?

In fairnes to the MCDP, it has every right to ensure the integrity of its PCs by reviewing all candidates for compliance with statutory requirements. But you can't stop with Williams' people.

If county party uses a single resource to review any of Williams' folks, it needs to review all filings. Otherwise, it needs to leave the task of challenging candidacies to another campaign (which the Kennedy folks certainly would have done on their own).

I'm hoping my party folks are playing this one straight up. Stay tuned...

UPDATED: Adam Kirsch, the executive director for the MCDP, states that they are reviewing all candidate filings.

That, my friends, is how you handle business.



indydem said...

I think it is a little much to take Adam Kirsch at his word when it comes to whether the party is acting to promote Melina.

Anonymous said...

I have confidence in the county party to review all filings. I am sure that they do not want surprises with any of the filings. It is amazing that some people like indydem so little trust and faith. That attitude usually comes from the other side.

Anonymous said...

In at least one precinct i know of,a long time party member has discovered a sudden opponent.

It turns out this opponent lives outside the precinct by close to 17 miles.

I think you need to take a breath. The fact is that most of us who have been in this party for a while actually know where the precincts are, and the long time precinct commitee person's address. If there are new filings by total unknowns, it would stand to reason that you would check them--especially if you already know where some of the people live.

"Painfully objective" shouldn't mean carrying republican water.

Chris Worden said...

I can't carry Republican water. First, it smells funny, and second, they're too busy trying to sell it without keeping the public in the loop to let me do so. If you think ensuring the party plays fair is doing the Republicans a favor, I've got no answer other than to say I haven't spent the last two decades helping build this party to see it behave LIKE Republicans. Sorry.