Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fineman Considers Bayh A Fine Man

When Evan Bayh stepped down, many Democrats were reflexively angry and many (myself included) instinctively thought there must be something wrong underneath the surface. Who would give up such a prized Senate seat without being forced to do so?

Apparently, Evan Bayh.

Howard Fineman of Newsweek has a great article that fans and detractors alike should review, and it's got me feeling a bit guilty for my cynicism. Fineman puts a very human face on a man many considered too robotic for the Presidency.

Though I've only been in the Senator's presence socially a few times, I concur with Fineman's assessment.

First, back when he was Governor, E.B. could ball. He could take people off the dribble both directions, and he had a decent mid-range jumper, though I always wondered whether his state police detail gave him some "executive privilege" because he seemed wide open at the top of the key a lot. Defensively, he was average, but he was good enough to block my shot once, after which he yelled "VETO!" in my face. (Not really. I made up that second part).

Second, he has a great sense of humor, but for Senator Bayh, politics always seemed a serious business. In front of mics, cameras, or groups in public, almost nobody saw the humor. I think if the Senator had subscribed more to the view that politics is important, but not all important, he would have let his guard down more and appealed to more voters.

It sounds like Senator Bayh is a believer now.

UPDATE: Senator Bayh is scheduled to appear on The View on February 22.


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