Thursday, February 18, 2010

Vi Simpson Says No.... (Expletive) It!

Vi Simpson has issued the following statement:

While it has been an honor to see my name mentioned in connection with the U.S. Senate vacancy, I want to make it clear that I have chosen not to be considered at this time.

I am happy living and working right here in Indiana and serving the people on the important issues facing our state today. As Senate Democrat Leader, I made a commitment to my colleagues in the State Senate and to our 2010 candidates that I would be here to support them and to work for their elections, and I intend to keep that promise.

I am truly grateful to all of those who have encouraged me to enter this race and to those who have offered their support and resources. But now it's time for me to put an end to the speculation and to continue my fight for educational opportunities for all and good jobs for Hoosiers. I can best serve those priorities in state government.


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