Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Truth Gets Plowed by Plowman

Say you are suspended from your job, and say a few weeks later, the media asks you why.

What is the percentage chance that you'd say you don't know? Probably zero.'re Lincoln Plowman.

In a staggering interview with WTHR-13's Mary Milz, Plowman says he doesn't know why he's being investigated. When asked about whether the inquiry against him is personal or professional (counsel-related), Plowman pleads the 5th, literally.

Counsel President Ryan Vaughn also says he doesn't know any details. How do you keep your own caucus in the dark? Is Plowman working as a confidential information now to fry a bigger fish?

What is it with Republicans clinging to office long beyond the point of losing the public trust, which was further eroded today. (Everybody doing the Elephant Walk knows he's as problematic as Brizzi. One GOP councillor even referred to Plowman as "a selfish idiot.")

I don't know either. But on behalf of Democrats who are going to campaign in 2010 on the GOP's culture of shady financial dealings and influence-peddling, I thank you.



Anonymous said...

I think it is possible that Ryan Vaughn doesn't know the extent of the investigation. Amazing as it may seem, it is possible that Lincoln himself doesn't yet know how much evidence they have against him. Certainly giving information against others is an offer that will be made to him.

Anonymous said...

Plowman most certainly does know why he is being investigated. Why else would he have lawyered up so quickly with Voyles.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps if Linc had allowed the FBI to question him he WOULD know. HELLO?

Let's say the police come to your door. Ring ring! You peek through the window because you aren't sure if it's the boogyman. Instead it's two of Indy's finest, with crispy starched blues and shiny badges. Do you:

1) Not answer the door or

2) Answer the door like everyone in Indianapolis would and say, "hello, may I help you?"

3) Answer the door because you are selling your tool chest and life-long comic book collection for much less than they are worth to raise quick cash and state, "Sorry, I have already sold the comic books and took chest!"