Sunday, February 14, 2010

Slating Convention Post-Script, Adamson Candidacy, & Mark Brown

Some people who didn't attend slating today who read my blog asked me this evening at a campaign kickoff for Zach Adamson (at-Large City-County Council) why Congressman Andre Carson didn't attend slating and/or speak.

He did. I knew after talking with many after my post went up that his remarks were a "lights out" performance with a strong appeal to party unity. The problem was...I wasn't in the hall when he delivered those remarks. I had stepped out for a minute. As I'm reluctant to characterize remarks I don't hear, I started my post by carefully noting that Bob Voorhies "started the voting process."

I wanted to correct any misimpression because GOP operatives are trying to feed a rumor that the Congressman has morphed into a Washingtonian and "doesn't even live in the district," and the idea he missed his own slating could feed into that rumor. On the residency score, I confirmed with Mrs. Carson that the Congressman did another home in Center Township. I also confirmed that his wife still works at the same school as a principal, and that the Congressman only has an apartment in D.C. In other words, the "too D.C." narrative will fly as well as a duck with weighted feet.

Tonight, Adamson paid homage to the Congressman and reminded an audience of approximately 100 attendees of the Congressman's call for officeholders who resemble Marion County. Attendees included many dignitaries, among them Melina Kennedy and State Representative Mary Ann Sullivan.

But it's not all flowers and candy for the Democrats this Valentine's Day. Because Greg Bowes has vowed to fight on, Terry Curry may have to expend funds to ensure a primary victory. Though Bowes has no funds in his campaign account, to the public at large, Bowes probably has higher name identification right now. In addition, Bowes has the upper hand on the alphabetical ballot placement. If the party machinery does its job, Curry should be fine. But a robust primary turnout will complicate things immensely, and Curry cannot afford to spend money deflecting his own party.

Also, I spoke to Democratic Sheriff candidate Mark Brown tonight at the Adamson function. Brown, too, has vowed to stay on the primary ballot. Brown did not go through the slating process, he said, because he believed it was a foregone conclusion who would win. Brown contended that certain party officials put Colonel Layton in front of a lot of precinct committee people and gave him an unfair advantage. While it's refreshing to have multiple candidates with strong law enforcement credentials, a divisive primary in either race will make it harder for Democrats to take over the city-county building.



Wilson46201 said...

Thanks for the amplification and clarification !

(I was one of the meanies that jumped all over Chris last night.)

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your stock is rising!