Saturday, February 27, 2010

It's "Morning in America" Indianapolis?!?

In my post about infiltrating the Lawrence Township GOP, I described the Mayor's first campaign ad. Here it is...though this version seems to talk about more things the Mayor had no hand in or didn't really do than I recall. This is probably because my eyes got watery when I started choking after seeing the part about ethics. Sorry.

To paraphrase comedian Lewis Black, I would like to believe this campaign ad...but I have thoughts.

Kudos to Jon Easter at Indydemocrat and Terry Burns at Indianapolis Times for finding this on Youtube.


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Jerame Davis said...

Sweet jeebus - there's so much to say about that, I don't know where to begin.

If you take nothing away from this, look how he's trying to take credit for all sorts of things he had absolutely nothing to do with. Every shot where they talk about "seeing the results" are things like Lucas Oil Stadium, the Convention Center, Victory Field, etc.

What the hell did Greg Ballard do for these places other than almost cause them to be shut down due to the inept management he put in charge of the CIB?

Oh - and the diversity he suddenly found in his office. Wasn't the complaint that it was a boys club on the 25th floor? Where did he find all the women, particularly women of color, for this ad? Were they paid extras?

And he's taking credit for the property tax caps?? Weren't all of his lobbying efforts at the statehouse laughable at best? I seem to recall many folks complaining of the lack of engagement by Ballard - am I mis-remembering that?

But I think he'll regret tying his legacy to those tax caps in the end. Look at California and how bad their budget has become - $20 Billion in the hole and counting. Guess what is at least partially to blame for that mess: property tax caps.

2:42 of pure fantasy drivel.