Tuesday, May 6, 2008

What the....?!?

Here is why our country has half the problems it does. It's a critical political day for America, and CNN.com’s second leading story for “hits” today is:

“Tuesday Primaries Huge for Dems”

The leader?

“Brittney Back in Court”

At the risk of being chastized for saying anything bad about America (I don't even KNOW Reverend Wright! I swear!), we are becoming a nation of fame-suckers who are captivated by everybody else’s "reality" lives because it’s easier to live vicariously through others and delight in their triumphs and tragedies than it is to risk the rejection that comes with trying to do anything meaningful with OUR OWN lives.

Oooo, gotta run! E’s “Top 50 Hotties of the 90’s” just came on.


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