Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Maybe We Should Change The Name From "Lake" to "Quagmire" County

Speaking of idiot ideas, whoever decided that Lake County wouldn't turn its results in until all the votes were counted ended up looking like an idiot.

Instead of providing ongoing numbers as individual precincts reported, the Lake County Election Board decided to turn them over all at once. The notion that Gary Mayor and Lake County Chair Rudy Clay orchestrated this (an idea circulating around some other blogs) is suspect given that the FIRST precincts to get reported were from Gary.

However, you can't say Mayor Clay didn't sound foolish going head-to-head with Mayor McDermott from Hammond.

It was as if CNN was speaking in a foreign language for Clay. Wolf Blitzer said repeatedly, "We GET you want to count all the ballots first and that there are 11,000 of one, but WHY did you decide to do that?" I guess it would have sounded stupid to say, "So we could come in with a dramatic Barama surge that swung the tide and put us in the spotlight we so crave."

But in fairness to Lake County, they had 11,000 absentee votes to count by hand, so you could at least understand why it took forever once they decided to wait to turn over the final tally. Can anybody tell me why Union County took so long? They had 1,100 TOTAL votes. Did they have one guy with an abacas doing the adding!?!?



varangianguard said...

"[We] did it the old-fashioned way, and it didn't work because of the overwhelming amount of people," Clay said. "We all have to sit down and come up with some ideas so this won't happen again."

Taken from a certain "slant", that could mean...

"We used tried and true methods of vote fixing which kind of gummed up the works. For next time, we'll be getting together with some consultants from Chicago, Florida and a couple of other locales to brainstorm some more up-to-date strategies".

Anonymous said...

varangianguard, you baseless and tasteless anti Democrat comments are getting tiresome...dont you ever discuss an issue or just make silly inane barbs.

varangianguard said...

I do, anonymous. But, they're probably a little too literate for your comprehension level. If you find my comments, that you can understand, too awfully tiresome, then discontinue reading them.

When I make silly, inane little barbs, it's to skewer people or events that are taken too seriously for little apparent reason.

In this particular case, I would hardly say the term "baseless" is appropriate or statistically likely.