Friday, May 9, 2008

Mitch Daniels Is Hating Life Today

The Indianapolis Star today reports that Delta Faucet is laying off 150 employees.

"At least” four children who have been under wardship of the Indiana Department of Child Services have died in the past five months. Working in this system, I know full well that there are no tell-tale signs for when parents, be they biological or foster, will act or fail to act, causing the death of their children. Having said that, four deaths in five months AFTER the system was supposedly “reformed” is going to raise eyebrows.

Finally, the State approved reductions in all 61 of Marion County’s taxing districts with these new rates to be used on the “make up” property tax bills for 2007. What does this mean? You’ll pay less when the new bills go out in June, but you’re still going to be paying something you probably forgot about. When a lot of Marion County residents see the “reduced” amount and realize that they’re paying more than they’re saving with the 1% increase in sales tax, there are going to be a lot of unhappy customers. But hey, they took the bait, so how can they be made when the switch becomes apparent?

I sure hope Jill Long-Thompson reads the Indianapolis Star. It’s not every day you’re handed three campaign issues on a plate.


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legaldiva said...

He's going to spin the property tax issue so that people think he's some sort of "savior". Indiana voters aren't always the brightest, so they'll buy the bag of wind he blows. Somehow he'll make the sales tax thing a non-issue, even though it's huge (especially when making large purchases). The CPS deal could be big, but are they really going to blame that on the governor? It's hard to blame him for f'd up parents.

I would like a shift in leadership, but I have no confidence that the dems win the gubernatorial race in November. Indiana doesn't realize that Mitch has privatized everything, thus giving his rich buddies a monopoly on "government services"