Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Weird 13,000

But back to the mysterious 13,000.

I stated in a prior blog entry that Jill Long-Thompson lucked out when Hillary came in and started championing (and some might say "stole") her gas tax holiday idea. It was almost as if they became bound together as "Jillary" (credit to "Taking Down Words") in Think the analogy of common fate around one issue is far-fetched?

Here is Hillary's margin of victory over Obama: 13,909

Here is JLT's margin of victory over Schellinger: 13,126

I knew Schellinger was in trouble when his lead was under 8,000 and Lake hadn't reported. JLT had the Steelworkers endorsement, and those hot metal guys can move bodies to the polls. My initial thought was that Schellinger was lucky to do as well as he did statewide since he only carried his home county of Marion by 51.4%. Usually, if you can't solidly deliver your home county, you're toast. But then I thought about his TV ads, and while I remember him talking about South Bend, I don't remember him talking about Indianapolis.


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