Friday, May 2, 2008

Hillary Clinton Will Stop At Nothing to Be President

It’s no secret I prefer Obama to Clinton. But it wasn’t a strong preference until today. I'd always tell people, "If Clinton wins, I won't lose any sleep." But now, it’s a hardened, unshakeable preference, and I’m angry at Hillary Clinton.

I have yet to receive any negative mail from Barack Obama. I have not heard a negative ad on the radio, nor seen one on the television. Yet Hillary Clinton keeps coming with her “greatest hits.” Today, I received her third negative direct mail piece in five business days. This one attacks Obama for voting “with the credit card companies to allow them to continue to charge astronomical interest rates on unsuspecting consumers.” The mailer has Obama saying, “It didn’t make sense for us to cap interest rates.” The unfortunate problem is that Obama’s comment during the Congressional Black Caucus debate was more inarticulate than he ever is, so he puts himself in a position to be misconstrued. But it takes a second party to DO the misconstruing, and if we’re going to pick out single sentences, how about this one from that same Obama answer?:

“I thought 30 percent was potentially too high of a ceiling.”

In other words, Obama wouldn’t vote for a 30 percent cap when most people have 29% cards because it wouldn’t help anybody. He wanted something with MORE, not less, teeth. Why vote for a 30% cap if you think you might be able to get a 25% one?

I’m just exhausted by politicians dissecting and misbranding each other’s words (and I'm a lawyers, so you KNOW that it's getting outrageous).

And just once, I’d like to see a candidate win just on what they’re going to do for us, not on what they believe the other candidate won’t do.

Voters always say they favor “positive” campaigns, but then we go out and vote for people who drag their opponents down. I promise you this, Hoosiers, if we don’t reward Obama for NOT attacking, no other presidential candidate in our lifetime will try what he is attempting. All will know unerringly that, to win, you must be willing to wage a savage counter-attack that plays loose with the facts and denies your opponent all benefit of the doubt.



Anonymous said...

I sat through a very interesting market research session yesterday evening -- it was a bunch of Caucasian, middle class, twenty- and thirty-something women. We were shown a progressive series of ads for Clinton and Obama, going from nicest to nastiest, and asked to share how they affected our candidate decisions.

The sad thing is, these ads work. Indiana hasn't experienced election fatigue like this in a long time, and so the negativity is what cuts through the chatter. I despise it, but believe me, I was in the minority last night.

Anonymous said...

It is amazing but I have heard so many Democrats that have become weary of the Clinton negativity and many have said in the unlikely event that she gets the nomination that they will not vote for her.

legaldiva said...

I've been tired of the negative attacks, but this one is low. She takes a stance he made to help protect the average person and completely turns it around. I most certainly believe a cap of 30% is too high, particularly given the economic climate we have right now. For legislators to think they are doing people a favor capping the rates that high is a joke.

I completely agree that if the best you can do is point out where your opponent is lacking versus your strengths there is an inherent problem with your position. Clinton has shown time and again that the only way she can get ahead is to take cheap shots. Her position on the issues, personality, charisma and leadership simply don't get it done for her.

artfuggins said...

Has anyone seen the YouTube clip where the Clinton war room supposedly called Hoosiers "a bunch of lowlife N-----s......yet she wants our vote..........

legaldiva said...

Art, please tell me you are kidding. I don't like to fall prey to false rumors, but if this is true, she can scrap the af-am support--should she receive the nomination.

artfuggins said...

Actually I messed up the quote...the campaign war room person said that "Hoosiers were a bunch of lowlife white N-gg-r-!! By the time I was told about it and went to You Tube, it had been removed. I hope one of my friends saved it.

Chris Worden said...


Was this comment from the movie The War Room? I wasn't sure if you meant it was a recent comment or one from 1992. Thanks!


legaldiva said...

Looks like the video is a hoax. I hate that folks are resorting to these tactics to divide the party.

Anonymous said...

There are claims that it is real and claims that it is made up but no one is doing anything as negative as what Hillary Clinton is doing to ruin our chances of winning the White House in November.

Anonymous said...

I have received at least 3 attack mail pieces from the Obama people already, so we must be getting different mail. I haven't received a thing from Clinton, good or bad, so I wonder how they separate their lists.

Anyways, my point is that the Obama people are DEFINITELY sending out attack ads on Hillary, as far back as 2 or 3 weeks ago was when I got my first one.

Anonymous said...

Was the credit card vote part of the same legislation that the credit card companies more or less dictated the tightening of terms of bankruptcy, specifically that hurt people with medical bills they were unable to pay? It passed in Congress. I could be wrong, but I thought that Clinton had voted with the credit card companies and against the hurting little people. If this is true, who's going to call her on attacking Obama's vote?

elme said...

Wanna BUY an old obsolete nuclear power plant? YES? OK, then, just VOTE for Obama.

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(See Map at NY Times LINK: )

Excelon Corp, (largest nuke operator on the planet) headquartered in Illinois, has been one of Obama’s largest contributors ever since he first ran for office.

Obama voted FOR the Cheney Energy Bill of 2005 (H.R. 6) - which ENABLED the nuke industry to start planning to build nukes. (No new nukes have been built for the past 30 years because the banks would not loan the money - too risky.)

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Here’s the kicker: Obama has been getting BILLIONS of Dollars worth of FREE Sales PROMOTION *Campaign HELP* From: NBC & MSNBC, and CBS … because GE owns NBC/MSNBC and Westinghouse owns CBS.

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That’s the reason WHY the MEDIA has been rabidly PUSHING to SELL you an Obama & slamming and smearing the Clintons on TV all day everyday.

COPY & PASTE and Pass the Word to everybody on your email list and to any blogs, TV, Radio, newspapers you can....particularly in all the upcoming PRIMARY States.

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elme said...

(You have to find the REAL News abut Obama on the web ... The Corporate-Controlled "mainstream media" are ALL Faux News Now. Their campaign "coverage" consists of Nothing but PROPAGANDA).

Obama claims 7 years experience in the Illinois legislature - Working Across the Aisles, Bringing people together to get good CHANGES passed -as exemplified by 26 good bills with his name on them.

A Chicago reporter says all 26 bills were passed in ONE Year, and they were not Obama's legislation.

But what’s interesting, and almost never discussed, is that he built his entire legislative record in Illinois in a single year.

Republicans controlled the Illinois General Assembly for six years of Obama’s seven-year tenure.

Then Emil Jones Jr. (became the Senate Majority leader), He became Obama’s kingmaker.

Jones appointed Obama sponsor of virtually every high-profile piece of legislation, angering many rank-and-file state legislators who had more seniority than Obama and had spent years championing the bills.

During his seventh year in the state Senate, Obama ... sponsored a whopping 26 bills including many he now cites in his presidential campaign when attacked as inexperienced.

Working Across the Aisles/

Taking Credit for Other People's Work/ INTEGRITY = ZERO

elme said...

p.s. the Utube video has been conclusively proved to be a FAKE ... an old video clip was doctored.

elme said...

Things that don't add up:

If Clinton is the "establishment" candidate how come she keeps running out of money ... while Obama's been rolling in Cash the whole time?

The "news" media tries to cover that by saying ... well, her wealthy contributors have already given the legal limit, so they can't give her any more money.

That's Ridiculous! The "establishment" has more than enough MONEY to hire all the bundlers they need to go out & rustle up more campaign cash, for, ANY Candidate ... THEY ... choose.

If Obama has had 2X, then 3,4, and 5X more cash than Clinton ... that he got from ... we the little people ... HOW COME he hasn't been getting 2x, 3X, 4X, 5X more Votes than Clinton ... from ... we the little people?

ANSWER: Because he LIES when he says he doesn't take money from lobbyists, oil companies, etc. He gets cash from the same people who give Clinton & McCain cash. A few minutes search on the web will turn up DETAILED info about that fact. WHICH, the media could easily find & publicize ... but doesn't .... because the SAME media that SOLD the public G.Bush (twice) and the Iraq Invasion ... is keeping a lid on the truth/Bad News about Obama.

Obama's got the Cash. He'g got the media. He's the establishment candidate. (Whoever "the Media" is SELLING ... THAT's Who You don't want to BUY ... if you know what's GOOD for you.)

BTW: GE is the 2nd Largest corporation on the planet, and, they have been pumping out billions in Advertising $Dollars into ALL Forms of media, at every level, City, State, National, International ... for generations.

(Gives you a new perspective on Obama's brag that: Nearly EVERY newspaper in Texas endorsed him.

elme said...

Still have any doubt this election is about GE Cheney ... "the establishment" ... running Obama AND McCain for President in order to assure themselves of Pulling Off Cheney's NEXt Big Energy RIPOFF?

You think Obama's 20 year "friendship" with the Rev. Wright makes people suspicious of his ... spiritual ... beliefs?

Just Wait until his 20 year "friendship" with Rezko ... shows up on your TV screen - AFTER he gets the nomination, or, AFTER he's OUT of the race:

GOOGLE Info about: The 3 friends who attended engineering school in Illinois: Rezko Alsammarae Auichi

Auichi (still a billionaire) convicted in a French court of MASSIVE fraud/looting involving
ELF a French petroleum company and the UN Oil for Food program.
Rezko business partner.

Alsammarae - convicted in an Iraq court (under its current govt) of LOOTING the Iraq ELECTRICITY Grid [while he was Minister of Electricity ... He was Appointed Electricity Minister by the Bush/Cheney ... Coalition Provisional Authority]. Rezko was...allegedly...his partner in LOOTING the electricity grid, and partners in planning to build a power plant in Iraq.

Last week's NEWS from the Rezko trial ... you didn't see on TV:

Federal prosecution witness testified that Obama and his wife DID attend a party at Rezko's home thrown in honor of Auichi.

Obama has previously said: He doesn't remember meeting Auichi.

The MEDIA is NOT asking him this question: Did you and your wife attend that Party?

Another prosecution witness testified that REZKO told him not to worry about the upcoming trial because the White House was going to fire the prosecutior (Patrick Fitzgerald) - to kill the criminal prosecution of Rezko.

That's a WHOLE LOT of REALLY BIG DIRT all the CORRUPT Politicans and their CORRUPT Media are desperately trying to keep covered up. Obama is part and parcel of it.

Chris Worden said...

Hey, whoever posted from TDW, what were the subjects on the negative Obama mail?

Also, Elme, next time, you only get one post. I don't let political operatives bogard my blog.

legaldiva said...

The mailings I've received from Obama haven't been negative, so I must be getting different ones than tdw. Clinton hasn't sent anything to my home, so I guess she wasn't interested in attempting to sway my vote.

Anonymous said...

I have not received one negative piece from the Obama campaign nor have I seen one on television. Maybe the polls are really getting tight again in Indiana if the Clinton people are getting as shrill as they are on some of the local blogs.

Anonymous said...

I've only received mailing pieces from Obama and I do what 99% of the people do when they get this crap in the mail........I tossed them in the trash.

Anonymous said...

It's pretty telling that Gary Welsh is trying to play up some hallucinated link between Obama and the Rezko trial, but he's stunningly silent on the actual link between Rezko, Karl Rove, some Illinois Republicans, and an attempt to remove Patrick Fitzgerald.

Especially telling given his proclivity to tout how he calls out members of his own party as proof of his impartiality. If only Mr. Rove had a bit more melanin.

artfuggins said...

One of the "other" blog masters in the city usually has a meltdown a few days before an election and posts all kinds of crazy unproven or untrue statements and then deletes anyone who disagrees or tries to explain or present the truth. This year is no different.

Anonymous said...

You're wrong .It's not only "a few days before an election". The sentiments of which you speak come from a much deeper, closely held, place. It's not getting caught up in the moment so much as it is letting one's true colors show in adversity.