Monday, May 5, 2008

The Post-Obama Party Parting Shot

I went to the Obama rally tonight. What a great candidate Obama is. Call it pie in the sky if you want, but his optimism about changing the culture of Washington is refreshing and contagious.

(On a side note, I get it already Service Employees. You REALLY like Obama. You didn't need to send me FIVE pieces of mail today).

But something Obama said haunts me. I'm not going to get it right, but I'll capture the jist, I promise. He was talking about his decision to not take money from PACs and lobbyists. He said something akin to this:

"I said no because I firmly believe that if you take their (special interest) money, you'll do their bidding."

Has this man NOT seen Andre Carson's campaign finance report? How can you campaign on changing Washington, and then endorse a guy who has raked in nearly a million dollars in special interest money? That aspect of Carson's campaign has been so discouraging to me, and I don't care that Woody Myers spent his millions. If Carson is truly a grassroots candidate, why didn't he have more "grassroots money." (We know why Woody didn't have any. He had no support here until he bought some name ID).

Also, every time I hear Andre Carson speak, I am less impressed, and tonight was no exception. If anyone who was there can figure out what the hell he was talking about regarding authoritarian regimes, I'd like a translation. Congressman, when you win this thing, I am offering my services immediately for free after the DCCC people leave the state. We'll get you Hoosier'ed back up.

On the other side of this "two-man race," is Dr. Myers. I never heard back from Woody Myers' campaign on the issue of him opposing the Patient's Bill of Rights, and I think that is because he can't refute it. I've read Dr. Myers' statements to Congress closely, and he was clearly NOT for letting doctors decide patient care. This is a HUGE issue. I'm not sure David O. put enough money behind his ad to make this position well known, but I promise you, when this becomes widely known, it will probably kill any hope Dr. Myers has of serving in ANY office as a Democrat.

This Patient's Bill of Rights was one of the seminal issues at the time that reflected the stark difference in philosophy between D's and R's, and Dr. Myers was on the wrong side. Way wrong.

Then there's David O. and Carolene Mays, but neither of them can win. (Sorry, David O. You ran a spirited campaign, but it's not going to happen).

So my thought is...go to the polls for the presidential and cast your vote (either way) with pride.

And then when you vote on the 7th, hold your nose.



Anonymous said...

I'm not going to be holding my nose as I vote for David O. He's by far the best qualified choice for the seat. He may not have a shot at winning, but he's done more to inspire me than any of the other 7th CD candidates this cycle.

I was at the rally last night, and Carson's incomprehensible babble was truly embarrassing. Yikes.

varangianguard said...

André would have been better off had someone in Julia's "club" known the first damn thing about foreign policy.

Anonymous said...

I sure hope the DCCC does leave after Tuesday. When Andre wins, it will not be because, rather in spite of, the DCCC idiots.

legaldiva said...

The CBC was out in full force yesterday. Stephanie Tubbs-Jones was at the polling location I was working at for a while. In any event, I thought it would be a closer race. Hopefully Congressman Carson will get some coaching (just to polish up a bit) so that the complaints you have today will no longer exist.