Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Message from Karl Rove to Greg Garrison

From the May GQ interview with Karl Rove:

GQ: Recently in a meeting with some people from the Republican National Committee, you said, "Do not use 'Barack HUSSEIN Obama.' "

KR: Right, right, politics....

GQ: Is that because it's not right?

KR: It's wrong. But not only that, it's counterproductive. In politics, there are argument that are seen as not factual and not fair, or trivial, and they blow up in your face. And this is one that people look at and say, "You're trying to imply something about him that's not true. I think you're going a bridge too far, and I'm reacting negatively." I mean, he didn't pick his middle name, somebody else did. And he doesn't go out of his way, like HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON, to, you know, emphasize it.

When Karl Rove is telling you that you're low, you might want to rethink your whole existence.

(What I really love about this answer is that Rove can't leave it at "it's wrong." That apparently wouldn't be enough justification. The BETTER reason not to do it is that it's bad politics.)



Anonymous said...

Karl Rove giving advise about what constitutes "bad politics?" Surely, this is one of the signs of the Apocalypse.

Concerned Taxpayer said...

Your're right, Lalita! Only people like Andre Carson know what "bad politics" is!

Anonymous said...

the Carson haters always seems to inject his name in places that are not even remotely connect with him. FACE THE FACTS Andre is our congressman and if he wishes, will be for many years.

Wilson46201 said...

"concerned taxpayer" is Jocelyn Tandy, a perennial candidate and loser who has been a Carson-hater longer than about anybody else in Indianapolis. She's also a gross homophobe...

She's hardly a "taxpayer" since she doesnt own property and has so many defaulted judgments against her so she conceals any employment to prevent wages being garnisheed.

Jocelyn (under a variety of aliases) and IndyErnie are poor Gary Welsh's only defenders (although Lord only knows what they say about him behind his back!)

Chris Worden said...

"Concerned Taxpayer" is Jocelyn Tandy?!? There is a quote of hers which she gave to Channel 6 that is stuck in my mind forever, just like many of Kennedy's quotes, and it is:

"There's no toe sucking going on around here. If there was toe sucking going on, don't you think I'd know it?!?"

Uh, apparently not. This was uttered during an interview after it was disclosed that Ms. Tandy's boss at the time, Clerk of the Supreme and Appellate Courts, Dwayne Brown, had propositioned several staff members to let him massage their feet. Ms. Tandy's quote (and the way it was delivered, which I could never do justice)was the funniest thing I've heard coming from a chief of staff for any elected official.

Anonymous said...

We have many blessings in life and one of them was the day Jocelyn Tandy decided to be a republican.