Friday, March 12, 2010

Zoeller in RNCC Cellar as GOP Vows to Continue "Dissing" Hoosiers During Dinner

Even though he's one of their own, the Republican National Campaign Committee (RNCC) doesn't care what Indiana's top law enforcement officer, Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller, thinks.

Jim Shella blogs that when the RNCC made robocalls into three congressional district in a manner that is legal but in violation of an agreement made by all three state party chairman in an effort to give Hoosiers some peace, Zoeller asked the RNCC to stop. The RNCC's reply?

"Sorry, dude. We've got way too much anti-Democrat, misleading healthcare-related fear mongering to do to get this done with live humans." (Okay, I made that last part up, but you know that's what they were thinking).

Zoeller told Shella the tactic was "disrespectful."

I'm painfully objective and when praise is due, I give it. Kudos to Republican Greg Zoeller for taking on his own party. Too bad their ends justify even "disrespectful" means.


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Paul K. Ogden said...

I'm sorry but I can't imagine that that robocall will ultimately be upheld as constitutional. You have to except out political speech when you enact/enforce these kind of laws. I know the IN SCT signed off on it, but I doubt the 7th Circuit will do the same.

I do know there was an "agreement" though...I'm just talking about the legality of the law.