Saturday, March 27, 2010

Brizzi's Mario Driving Recklessly...and Drunk

“He wanted to avoid any further embarrassment by resolving this case as quickly as possible.”

These are words Marion County Prosecutor's Office spokesman and Carl Brizzi's right arm, Mario Massillamany, uttered when Dennis Oxley was charged with misrepresenting himself as a legislators to avoid a public intoxication arrest.

These might be words Masillamany will want to remember.

As if Brizzi did not have enough problems, Masillamany was arrested in Hamilton County last night for being twice the legal limit (.16 BAC) while driving 31 miles per hour over the speedlimit. (Always a good call to be both drunk and driving fast).

Will Brizzi fire Masillamany? He says yes in the story "if he's charged," and how couldn't he? Remember when Brizzi fired (cough, I'm sorry accepted the resignation of) Deputy Prosecutor Gillian Deprez?

I don't see any way Brizzi could maintain credibility by claiming there is a difference here. What's he going to say, "Sure, he was .01 percent more drunk than Deprez and driving recklessly, but at least he got stopped before he caused any property damage!" (Of course, "Brizzi's credibility" has been an oxymoronic expression for months).

If only Masillamany, the chair of the Hamilton County Young Republicans, had a close friend in the Hamilton County Prosecutor's Office who could handle this for him.

Oh wait! Isn't Marion County Deputy Prosecutor David Wyser running right now? If Masillamany can delay on until November, he might get a sweet deal just like Paula Willoughby. I'd say it's a strong bet that Masillamany is already a Wyser donor, and if $2,500 can get a 70-year murder beef reduced to 18 served, $250 can surely get you diversion.



Anonymous said...

Well given that Gillian Deprez is working on Terry Curry's campaign, I can only imagine that she'll be hired back.

Nicole said...

Really? Is it necessary to publish pictures of his family? And you want to debate about ethics? Pretty creepy.

Anonymous said...

September 1996, Monroe County, Minor In Tavern, pre-trial diversion, Mr. Massillamany's first brush with the law.

iPOPA said...


No, it isn't. You are absolutely right.

The brazen hypocrisy of Carl Brizzi lecturing Mr. Masillamany about HIS conduct and the fact Mr. Masillamany has probably issued hundreds of statements chastizing people for their flawed conduct, including OWI, on behalf of Brizzi doesn't make his family fair game even visually.

I'd note that I will be watching closely to see what happens on the case. A guy who scores photos with himself with Secretary of State candidate (and Fishers Town Council leader) Charlie White, Mike Pence, and Ari Fleischer is somebody who people are likely to cut a break with favorable treatment. That connection, not his family, was my target, but you're still right.

I don't want to be part of the sensationalistic journalism complex, which is why they're gone.

I don't want to be that guy, and I thank you bringing me to my senses.

Anonymous said...

Good point, Anon 10:48. In fact, Deprez is going around telling everyone that Curry has said she WILL be hired back if he wins in November.

I would also love someone to explain to me how she managed to get the plea deal she got (she pled to C Misdemeanor OVWI despite the fact she ran into a parked car?!?!).

Let's face it, no matter who wins in the next election, there will be more stories like this. Deputy Prosecutors tend to be young, and they are lawyers. Lawyers often have problems with the sauce. It's a dangerous combination.

I agree that if you engage in this conduct, resignation and/or termination is appropriate. I would much rather they be engaging in conduct like this (assuming no one gets hurt) than what Wyser or Brizzi are doing.

Anonymous said...

The sad fact is that this will be swept under the rug once again.I have come to the conclusion that Brizzis arm reaches out longer than we had thought.

How much longer can this go on.Brizzi,Durham,Fishburn,Plowman and now this clown.

I cant wait till the election. Marion County may be the only place in America where the Ds will sweep the election. Thank god for Tom John and Jason Fishburns dad. It insures a win for us and we can put these clowns like Brizzi and Durham away for good

Anonymous said...

I just hope when we return to power that we remember this as we ignored the boorish behaviors of people like Monroe Gray, Ron Gibson and others when we were in the mayor's office. It helped us lose that election.

Anonymous said...

He should at least be charged for refusing to take the breathalizer test, or loose his ability to drive.

Anonymous said...

Mario apparently forgot that he didn't have law enforcement officers to chauffeur him. He is too accustomed to watching those officers, technically assigned to the grand jury, cool their heels while Carl gets drunk and then drive him home.

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