Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Evans In With Both Feet

In an earlier post today, I suggested Jose Evans was doing a coy two-step into the mayoral race because his press release didn't talk about a declaration, per se. It only talked about filing an exploratory committee.

Well, I just just got an e-mail that eliminates all doubt. It bears one of the better political logos I've seen, and it strikes a populist chord by referring to Evans as a "real" Democrat and going after the "downtown establishment":

Too many politicians care more about downtown businesses than they do about creating jobs and our neighborhoods - I plan on changing that attitude.

As Mayor, I will promote 21st century ideas focused on creating jobs and fostering neighborhood development. I'll fight to ensure we have a world-class public education system and to make Indianapolis one of the safest cities in America.

Over the next several months we'll have many opportunities to discuss these and other important issues. For now, I hope you'll go to my new website, learn more about my campaign, and suggest your ideas to improve Indianapolis.

Evans has completed revamped his prior website, and this one has a bit of punch (and even includes the opportunity to buy a Jose Evans Mayoral hoodie!)

While good marketing can't create a candidate of substance, but bad marketing can sure obscure one. Looks like the veil is off. The rest remains to be seen.


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