Saturday, March 13, 2010

School Administration's Homophobia Causes Lawyer

Today The Bilerico Project gave me the honor of guest posting.

Customarily, iPOPA is about pure political analysis. This story, however, is deeply personal. It chronicles one of the most formative moments of my life and explains why I was interested in serving on the Board of the Indiana Stonewall Democrats when given the opportunity recently.



Anonymous said...

A mutual friend once mentioned that you were a really nice guy. I would add that I believe you to be a man of great integrity. Very touching description of the events.

Alex Blaze said...

Or feel free to put up the permalink:

We're honored to have hosted your story. It's really something!

Anne said...

Chris, I was a soph at BD during this time. I hated the gestapo-like actions of the administration. I think this is where my liberal, pro-gay leanings came to turn. Thanks for this account, it brought back memories, good and bad-but at least I learned to not automatically trust authority as they so desperately wanted the students to do. I am a big fan of your blog. I never comment, but I had to on this.

Leslie said...

Excellent post, Chris. You're right, exposing the facts aren't always enough. We have to marshall those facts in such a way that action is the only conclusion.

Karen Goldner said...

Great post - thanks.