Friday, March 5, 2010

Plowman Resigning for Bribery?

WRTV reported that Republican City-County Councillor Lincoln Plowman is expected to resign on Monday.

Though I am still seeking to confirm this (so don't take it for gospel), rumor is that Plowman allegedly took money from an undercover agent impersonating a strip club owner who gave Plowman cash on tape in exchange for a zoning variance.

This sounds way too Marion Barry to believe, and if this were true, why isn't the man in cuffs?

But property records reveal that Plowman had a foreclosure action filed against him in August of 2005. He cured that defect, but somebody falling behind on a $130,000 home doesn't exactly speak to a man flush with cash. Yet, somehow three years later, he buys a $280,000 home at 7356 Oxbridge Place. I knew he got a promotion, but wow, it just makes me wonder if he knew anybody who was really good at picking stocks or something.

UPDATE: New version of the story circulating doesn't have Plowman with cash but receiving an in-kind benefit.



Anonymous said...

Oh, Chris--behave!

Are you suggesting that perhaps Linc might have acquired his nicer lifestyle by being friends with Timmy and Carl?

Carl did noty bu hundreds of thousands of shares of stock in Cellstar/CLST shortly before Brightpoint bought out the bulk of their assets, causing the stock to rise from .30/share to $5.50/share, on inside information!

My goodness, Carl Brizzi is a student of equities, schooled by the finest of investment advisors.

Anonymous said...

Is a free lap dance considering an in kind benefit??