Thursday, March 11, 2010

Jon Easter Deserves Praise for Commentary on Bigoted School

Democratic blogger, Jon Easter, is the kind of guy who gives out more praise than he'll ever accept because his humility makes him like that, but I cannot think of how his "personal prerogative" comments could have been an iota more effective. This is a must read.

I'd print the whole thing verbatim, but I want him to get credit for the traffic because it's so well-deserved.

The short version? Somewhere in Mississippi you've probably never heard of, Itawamba County, a high school chose to cancel its prom instead of permitting a lesbian to attend in a tuxedo with her girlfriend. The story itself will likely enrage and sadden you, but Easter's poignant approach to the subject matter should be commended.

Briefly stated, Chumbawamba did "Tub Thumping." Itawamba does "Gay Bashing."



Jon E. Easter said...

You are far too kind Chris. Thanks for the link.

Edward said...

Polling over time demonstrates that even darkest Mississippi will tip on gay marriage and related issues by 2024, the last state to do so. Nationally, the Senate looks likely to tip by 2016 on gay marriage, and Don't Ask Don't Tell is set to go down this year. I wonder what the military will do when a married gay from Iowa signs up and asks for married housing.

The bigots are losing ground by 2% of the US population annually, up from 1% in 1948 and even less before that. Figures available in my Daily Kos diary (Mokurai) and at