Monday, March 8, 2010

May Apparently "Shall" Be Ignored By Marion County GOP

I try to say positive things about fellow Wabash grads, so I'll credit Carlos May, the GOP candidate taking on Congressman Andre Carson in the 7th District of Indiana, for being an extremely friendly guy and for his frugal thinking.

Getting "gently used" office equipment is smarter than using limited funds to buy new stuff. But when you have to send a call out on Facebook seeking a satellite office and basic office supplies, such as copy paper, coffee cups, snacks, and sodas, doesn't it tell you something about the state of your party's finances and/or its commitment to your race?

May's list of needs includes a DV Camcorder, Digital Photo Camera,
Old Land-Line & GSM Cell Phones, Magic-Jacks, Coffee Urn, Airpots & Paper Cups, Printer Ink (Epson: Black 68, CYM 69), Power Strips, White & Bulletin Boards, Book Shelves, Clipboards, Messenger Bags, Copy Paper, Sodas & Snacks, Trash Cans & Bags

It should have included a whole lot of Tums.

Welcome to the Majors, Carlos!



varangianguard said...

"I try to say positive things about fellow Wabash grads..."

Still, you were unable to write that nice thing without your typing fingers betraying you. rofl


Wilson46201 said...

In the last election cycle, an average successful challenge to an incumbent in a Congressional race cost about $1.4 million.

Welcome to the big leagues!

InquiringMind said...

Having an office outside of the county gop doesn't mean that they aren't supporting him. Many campaigns do, and I can't blame him for wanting to have his own space.

CarlosMayforCongress said...

Just being fiscally conservative.

varangianguard said...

Look! A "friedly" comment from the candidate himself. lol

Paul K. Ogden said...

It sounds like May is being very resourceful. I think that's a good thing.

Any 7th District Republican candidate who is depending on the Marion County GOP organization for support is being foolish. It sounds like May understands the game. Again, in my book, that's a good thing.

Potter666 said...

Carlos is being realistic. He knows that Tom John and Brooks will not give him a penny. It's all going to go to Massa.

The MCRCC has no money.

They wont have any money. Poor Sgt.Fishburn, there will not be a penny for him either.

How does Tom John go to sleep at night knowing that so many people hate him for what he is doing to his party.

Anonymous said...

We need to be realistic. If you were the Marion County Republican Party with little cash and a severe party split, would you use much of the party's resources to defeat Andre Carson? Despite which candidate you support, it doesn't make good poltical sense to use the limited resources for that campaign.

Wilson46201 said...

A brief historical recap of the finances of the last 4 failed GOP challengers in the 7th CD:

Campo $37K
Elrod $195K (special election for an open seat)
Dickerson $64K
Horning $25K

RedPC said...


I agree about the fact that Carlos wil not get much help from Tom John and David Brooks.

I also assume that they will not help Fishburn at all, they have to know that McAtee will destroy him in the Primary.

So if we are being realistic, all of the money will go to Massa, if there is any.Fishburn and Carlos will be left out in the cold.

Carlos is a bright young man with some great ideas. This is good training for him.

Wilson46201 said...

More financial stats:

Carson started this year with $274K in the bank.
May had $12K but he'd lent $18K to his campaign so he's really $6K in the hole. Not too auspicious already!

In 2008 Carson spent $926K on his 3 winning elections. Woody Myers spent $2,250,000 out of his own pocket but lost to André. Orentlicher lent his losing campaign $375K. Carolene Mays lost just $10K of her own money in her losing race. Jon Elrod still owes $14K from his losing Congressional race.

Welcome to the really big leagues, Carlos May !!!

johnny200877 said...

Ipopa, typical democrat thinking, we have to spend money even if we can get what we need for less, or free, we MUST spend money NOW!!! That's whats wrong with your party's thinking. It's just smart to get things on the cheap if you can. And wilson, I don't know if I'd be bragging about how much money Carson spent to buy his last few elections

iPOPA said...

Calm down, Johnny 8675309! Despite your clever attempt to spin, I never knocked the general approach of Mr. May. If anything, it was a jab at the difficult fate of a long-shot challenger, be he Democrat or Republican. They have to do something. I wouldn't be surprised if I saw Carlos May with a firefighter's boot soliciting contributions in an intersection.

Wilson46201 said...

Actually "Johnny", Carlos May has been burning through money at an astounding rate considering the calendar. Blowing money on billboards in December 2009 for a contest in late 2010 was most peculiar. Billboards aren't cheap! Frugality has not been a strong part of his campaign. Like I observed, he even started the year with a sizeable deficit! Now he's nickle&diming for staplers and paper cups?

I posted the expenditures of the last 4 losing Republicans in this district. It's a good predictor of what Carlos May could raise. It will be pitifully insufficient for a modern successful kickass winning campaign.

Wilson46201 said...

Just in case the May Campaign is still dreaming about the fabled Republican Money Fairy swooping down and showering Carlos with cash, it should be recalled in 2002 both Julia Carson and Brose McVey raised about one million dollars each but Julia still won: 53% to 44%

iPOPA said...

Okay, Wilson, we're all officially impressed by your encyclopedic knowledge of all things fundraising in the 7th Congressional District. At some point, you aren't beating a dead horse; you're turning it into glue and fixing broken ceramics with it.