Saturday, March 6, 2010

Mansfield Pushes Plowman Out the Door?

Sometimes political officials step down because they realize it's necessary to restore a broken public trust. And sometimes they step down because they're about to get busted wide open politically.

Let's play a game called, "Which one describes Lincoln Plowman?"

Word has been circulating all last week about City-County Councillor Angela Mansfield's (D-District 2) planned ethics complaint against Plowman, which was filed today. iPOPA suspects that buzz prompted Plowman's expedited resignation, which will be delivered on Monday. Kudos are due to Mansfield for speeding the return of integrity to the 25th District.

As Mansfield rightly points out, because Plowman has essentially pled the 5th on why he is on administrative leave and being talked to by the FBI, the council cannot ascertain whether any conflict of interest exists in his service. This is problematic because it could potentially jeopardize future votes.

Republican Council President Ryan Vaughn and GOP Chair Tom John are undoubtedly ecstatic to see Plowman go, whatever the cause, as there was a radioactive glow of corruption and chicanery lingering over the entire Marion County Republican Party before Plowman's administrative leave.

As I've said repeatedly, a party label is a brand. Right now, the Marion County GOP is the Toyota of Indiana politics.

Plowman Complaint[1]



Anonymous said...

Chris, I love your writing and have 100% agreed with every one of your previous posts.

But, I disagree with this post. The Marion County GOP is not Toyota. If anything, they are a Yugo, but let me disclaim this by saying I don't want to be sued by Yugo for libel.

varangianguard said...

"The Toyota of Indiana politics"? My, aren't we being generous today?

Kudos to Councillor Mansfield.