Sunday, October 12, 2008

Stop Hiding the Truth With New Phrases

- I'm fascinated by the way people use language for PR purposes. In less than two years, every "liberal," "centrist," "Democratic-leaning," "DLC-oriented," or "diversity friendly" blog I regularly read has purged from its pages use of the phrase "illegal alien." Now, they're just "undocumented immigrants."

As I've said before, let's change the law, but until then, let's not act like there is no violation. Next time you're pulled over by a police officer, let me know how this one works out for you:

"I'm not speeding, officer. I'm just traveling at an 'undocumented' speed."

- But let me do you one better. The Indiana Department of Child Services has issued new statewide forms to be used in every case where a child is removed from a parent. As I'm reading the form, I come across the phrase "resource parent." You see, if you know that just since the summer, one "foster parent" in Marion County caused the death of Destiny Linden and another was charged with molest, the smartest thing to do is change the name to "resource parent." Basically, when your public image is horrible, and you're out of ideas for improving it, you change the name. It's kind of like when Phillip Morris changed its name to Altria to make people forget it was in the cigarette industry.

- On a related note, the White House declared today that President Bush has changed his legal name to "America is the Greatest."


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Sean Shepard said...

I guess that just makes me an unelected congressman. :p