Saturday, October 11, 2008

IPOPA’s Random Thoughts on Politics and Culture

- The tone at John McCain and Sarah Palin rallies lately is a bit terrifying. I’m not saying John McCain and Sarah Palin are racists or would ever wish harm to Barack Obama, but you can’t whip up this kind of “he’s not one of us” frenzy without expecting at least a few people to pick up the torches and pitch forks. Before the election is over, expect a member of the “liberal media” press corps that follows McCain to get more than just “the finger.” Nice family values, by the way.

- I’m morphing into a populist before my own eyes. I’m one of the 2/3 of Americans who opposed the bailout. Giving $700 billion to people who created the problem is like giving the guy who blew up his garage more dynamite and asking him to “be more careful.” I promise you that nobody you know will benefit from the $700 billion dollars in Monopoly money that we’re giving the Treasury Secretary. I was extremely disappointed when Congressman Andre Carson switched his vote in favor of this package. (Kudos to Baron Hill, Pete Viscloskey, Dan Burton, and Steve Buyer for getting this right).

- The fact the stock market has plunged AFTER the bailout is perplexing. Maybe I just don’t understand this. Isn’t it the case that companies that make things of value still make things of value? That they still own the same property? If worry about mortgages can make Microsoft, Lilly, or BP tank, weren’t they overvalued to start with? Might it not be the case that prices are going down based on irrational panic, and now is a great time to get a deal?

- I’m sick of the mythology that owning your own home is the American dream. This is marketing crap spouted by homebuilders. Living free is the American dream, and we're all living it the second we're born here. Everything else is just gravy. I’ve rented places, and I’ve owned homes, and I didn’t notice any more psychological comfort with the home. In fact, minus the tax benefits, the only difference with being a homeowner is you spend half your summer powerwashing your wooden fences.

- If I bought more home than I could afford, how can I complain when the bank comes to get it? Why are we trying to keep people from foreclosure? They bit off more than they could chew. I promise you when the home market goes low enough, people who DIDN’T overextend themselves will start buying those houses. I'll be one of them.

- And can someone explain this “credit crunch” to me. Everybody is walking around acting like Warren Buffet can’t get a loan. I don’t get this. People with good credit (i.e., those who SHOULD get loans) can still get them. I know this because a buddy of mine just bought a car for 2%. This is going to be a crazy idea, but maybe, just maybe, all the people whose credit is not good enough to get them loans should try living within their means for a while.

- Americans, including me, have spent more than they should for at least three decades now. If we need a financial shock to cleanse the system, I’m for it. We need to get back to when we actually waited to make purchases until we had the money. We also need to save more in America so that when we do borrow money, we’re borrowing our own, not China’s. The days of easy credit are gone, folks, and the idea that the government is trying to keep it alive says America hasn’t learned its lesson.

- I’m no prude, but I'm disugsted that little girls' costume options include “slutty witch.” We all know men use Halloween to induce their women to go scantily clad in public with the excuse "it's just a costume," but do we really need little girls looking like tramps? Who MAKES these costumes? The Pedophiles of America?



True Conservative said...

Keep this up and they are going to pull your liberal badge. Kudo's to Burton? Just because he voted the correct way doesn't mean he got it right. A blind hog finds an acorn every now and then. Opps better not mention acorn to an Obama fan I might be accused of going negative. The problem is now many including business will not do anything unless the givernment underwrites it or gives it to them. Your party is the one who pushed to have people who couldn't afford house to get them. Interesting the bill didn't pass until Harry Reid gave his ok after adding another $180 billion.

Anonymous said...

True Conservative,

To blame any party other than the party of George W. Bush, purveyor of "the Ownership Society" - as he was wont to wax poetic about back in the days when the crazy Wall Street megabanks were allowing loans to anybody who had the ability to fog a mirror - is absolute bullshit. This is purely a result of failed oversight. The last time I checked, the Dems were NOT big deregulators. But GWB and his buddies gladly deregulated everything they could, or effectively did so by cutting funding for regulatory agencies so that they simply COULDN'T enforce their obligations.

As a country, we reap what we sow. I don't like it, but we elected GWB - twice for Christ's sake - so we shouldn't be too shocked when the shit finally hits the fan. But to try to blame the Dems for what the banks and their Republican pals have done is weak. There's plenty of blame to go around, but that doesn't mean the Republicans shouldn't have to accept the biggest share of it.

iPOPA said...


Trust me when I tell you that it pained me greatly to say Dan Burton did anything right, but I figure I should give him credit on this since it's the first time he's done the right thing in, what, three decades?

legaldiva said...

Slutty witch...I think that costume was misplaced, lol. I'm with you on the bailout though. I can't believe I'm paying to make sure rich folks are okay. It's simply amazing.