Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Old Lion and His Witch in the Wardrobe

The economy is in the tank, taxpayers got hosed on the bailout, and the Colts got drubbed on Sunday, so in the big scheme of things, this is minor. But Republican National Committee (RNC) campaign finance reports show that $150,000 was used to "outfit" Sarah Palin.

This is a dubious legal move, as campaign finance laws do not permit expenditures for personal benefit. Palin's folks say she intended to give the clothes to charity. That's fine, but how is she giving back the used cosmetics? But if the RNC wants to be mocked for purchases, so be it. That's not what bothers me.

McCain was heralded in GOP circles for getting somebody who is supposed to be a regular gal and "one of us." So why did WASHINGTON have to get her gussied up (ohhhh! Palin would love that expression) to the tune of $150,000, which I'm pretty sure is more than most Americans have spent on clothes in their lifetimes.



Wilson46201 said...

I wonder what the ex-wife of "Joe The Plumber" spends on clothes...

J. Hagedorn said...

I guess you really CAN put lipstick on a pig ... and Saks 5th Avenue, etc.

Or maybe that's a moose instead of a pig ... or Caribou Barbie.

The real point is that the lack of forethought involved in choosing Palin as a running mate is staggering, and the fact that this charade has been further exposed for what it is doesn't even surprise most Americans anymore. She's clearly hurting McCain among every group except the one that Obama had no chance with in the first place - right wing nutjobs.

Krau said...

Point. Game. Set. Match to J. Hagedorn for the last paragraph of his/her comment.

Anonymous said...

I think before this is all over that the sleaze regarding her conduct in office will kill any chance she might have of a political future.