Wednesday, October 8, 2008

McCain is in McPain

He regurgitated every talking point he'd been given, but no matter how hard John McCain tried, he just couldn't get a bunch of undecided voters to turn their little dials to strong approval for him, except in one context which I'll address below.

I didn't find Senator Obama particularly smooth tonight. That means only one thing, and it has to be disconcerting to Republicans. Despite all the Obamamessiah, "cult of personality," and "rock star status" talk, it was Obama's substance, not style, that decided the debate tonight. Americans just aren't buying what John McCain is selling.

This is great news for the Obama campaign because ALL campaigns reflexively think the message is fine but the delivery is off whenever they are flailing. Expect McCain's people to try to retool how McCain delivers his message for the next debate, instead of changing what he says. Once they realize they've goofed, this thing will be over.

The occasions McCain had the dials up were when he talked about how amazing America and its people are. Understand this. I love America, though I think its current president is a moron who has thoroughly discredited America on the international stage. America is probably the most prosperous and freest country in the world, our republican form of government with its checks and balances is genius, and our workforce is productive.

But even feeling as I do, I wonder whether other people like me, who aren't susceptible to empty appeals to patriotism, found it almost sycophantic to see McCain so brazenly suck up to Americans.

It was as if John McCain morphed into Eddie Haskell from Leave It To Beaver before my eyes. You always knew Eddie would get Beaver and Wally in trouble, but he ALWAYS avoided it himself by complimenting Mrs. Cleaver to pull the wool over her eyes.

Politicians take a rule of thumb, the more you try to kiss my butt, the more suspicious I am of you.



Anonymous said...

a really old Eddie Haskell.

Sean Shepard said...

This is a really old Eddie Haskell:,_Ken/gallery/SGS-015765/

The problem I have with these candidates is Obama is failing to acknowledge (or doesn't understand) the $55-$57 trillion in current and future obligations our country owes and that increasing taxes on the wealthy won't even scratch it (100% tax on EVERYBODY would take 8-10 years to raise that money).

McCain and his advisors are severely lacking in economic matters with free market rhetoric but nothing different than the hybrid garbage that got us where we are at. Government buying up underwater mortgages and renogiating them?? Hey, if I quit paying on mine for the next few months can I get a deal too?

The fact that one of these guys will actually be our next president is galling.

iPOPA said...

I agree with you, Sean. Whoever wins this thing might rue the day.