Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sorry, Gordon Gecko...greed is apparently NOT good!

Palin is talking about ending Wall Street greed, helping main street and working class folks, and keeping taxes low, and she's roasting the scale.

Biden had his lowest moment of the debate on the dial when he said he spends time at Home Depot. (I guess people prefer Lowe's).

But when he started talking about how corporate America has "benefited plenty," he jumped up again.

How cute. Sarah Palin just gave a "shout out" to some third graders. They must be ecstatic.

And, holy cow, if I were John McCain, I'd rewrite Governor Palin's stump speech to say:

"Education, wah wa waaa waaaaaah, education, blah blah, GO EDUCATION!"

Governor Palin's lines about education, which were exhortatory cheerleading, garnered the strongest sustained approval of the night for her.


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