Monday, October 13, 2008

ACORN is Weapon of Mass Distraction

Everybody should be concerned with any person or organization that interferes with the right to vote by suppressing turnout, purging voters who shouldn't be, or casting doubt on the integrity of the electoral process.

Accordingly, ACORN needs to evaluate its employment practices. Any company that gives financial incentives for the number of registrations a person turns in WILL get people who submit the starting line-up of the Dallas Cowboys in Texas (no, I'm not kidding) and "Jimmy Johns" in Indiana.

The problem is that most state laws require you to submit a registration card to state authorities. If ACORN employs me, and I give them a card that says "Peyton Manning" with an address at Lucas Oil Stadium, they can fire me, but they have to turn in the card. In many cases of bogus registrations, it is ACORN itself whose supervisors are flagging the problems for the state. And in many of these cases, people do get canned.

But even if you think this is all intentionally orchestrated, top-down attempts by ACORN to engage in voter fraud, here's a critical sentence from the Boston Globe:

"There is no evidence that anyone has actually voted as a result of the bogus registrations, which in some cases involve names being listed multiple times at fake addresses."

This organization has allegedly been submitting bad registrations since 2004, and there isn't a SINGLE act of fraudulent voting. In fact, here's the best that an ACORN critic can say:

But Cairncross of the RNC said the bad registrations constitute fraud and tie up local election officials and law enforcement agencies.

"What's going on here is a fair amount of partisan behavior on the part of local election officials," said Kettenring of ACORN. Noting that ACORN had flagged problematic registration cards to local authorities, he added, "They're politicizing cards that we identified ourselves and marked as such."

What? This is all McCain and the Republican Party have on ACORN?!?

I guess when nobody believes you can help the economy, you have to terrify America.

I saw an ad today talking about having Mayor Daley as an advisor. Did I miss something? Was Mayor Daley ever charged with a crime. It seems these days that all you need to do is say "Chicago" and Obama in the same sentence.

But what this desperation really shows is the vacuousness of the McCain campaign.



True Conservative said...

This organization has allegedly been submitting bad registrations since 2004, and there isn't a SINGLE act of fraudulent voting. In fact, here's the best that an ACORN critic can say:

Not being prosecuted doesn't mean it has not happened. That is a big leap.

Anonymous said...

I dont understand the complaints of the GOP that ACORN employs poor people, recovering alcholics, ex felons, etc.....isn´t that what our country is about...No one condones phony registartions but as has been pointed one can point to one case of voter fraud.

mo said...

I believe that when the McCain campaign ran out of Obama attacks. Somehow the political strategists over there in the McCain Camp decided to combine the two...Obama+ACORN= no good. These accusations reek of desperation. Palin and McCain are running out of ideas quick, they need some new material. Let's not
forget that we need to fudge it some more and add a little "Bill Ayers" and "Tony Rezko"...while we are at it, Obama and Hitler used to play poker together.

truthblogger said...

Chris, good counterpoint to Welsh's ranting about Acorn and the faux voter fraud.

If repugs want to talk about voter fraud, lets talk about Ohio in 2004.

Or Florida in 2000.

Oh and check out my new blog, now that I have some time to work on it now.
I will link to your's.

Have a good day!