Monday, August 25, 2008


Everybody misspeaks. Not everybody always gets the rules of grammar right. But at some point, one becomes so inarticulate that you can conclude nothing other than this fact: (s)he is not intelligent.

Whoever gets elected in November...our standing in the world will HAVE to improve. I want to respect the office, folks, but our current president IS an idiot.



Mann Law, P.C. said...

How many states are there? Would you like every word you have said in 8 years to be video taped and played back for everyone?

Chris Worden said...

True Conservative:

Answer this question: Is George W. Bush an intelligent man?

Say whatever you want after that, including making comments about other Democrats who were "dumber," or Republicans who were as stupid who did well, but answer my question first.

Chris Worden said...

Forgot to ask this one, Obama said 57, but it was clear he meant 47 because he said something akin to "we have one more to travel to, and we were not allowed to go to Alaska and Hawaii. Let's see...(47corrected) + 1 + 2 = 50 states.

Mann Law, P.C. said...

I assume he is an intelligent man as he graduated from Yale. That does not make him a good public speaker. I gave you one example of Obama. He has many more but the media just doesn't emphasize them. My point was not that some one else is dumber as that is typically the retort of many on this and other blogs when someone points out an error on one side or the other. I do not see that as a valid response. My point was that Obama is obviously an intelligent man and I am not racist for saying so, but yet he makes such gaffs. But today these people (i.e. politicians) are subjected to having every word being analyzed and attacked. If you want to challenge him on his positions then do so. Also, give him his due, he tried comprehensive immigration reform and it was defeated by the Senate Majority leader as an attempt to gain political advantage, how about his fight and funding on aids in Africa? He surely has screwed some things up as well. But attacking him on being a bad speaker is beneath you.

Anonymous said...

Graduating from Yale doesn't make you intelligent. It makes you rich, but certainly not intelligent.

Dubya is far from intelligent. His public speaking is just awful - as any objective observer can confirm - but his gaffes are usually not related to public speaking so much as his inability to express himself. Some of that may fall in the category of "having a moment," but if that's the case then Dubya has been stuck in that "moment" for about 15 years.

If graduating from any institution of higher learning is the best you can come up with to validate Dubya's intelligence, I weep bitterly for our country. I just count my blessings that Daddy Bush didn't send him to med school too. His incompetence and ignorance may have resulted indirectly in thousands of American deaths, but at least that blood is only figuratively on his hands.

Unknown said...

I would have to echo the original writer. One of the most widely reported characteristics of our dear President, is that he is just not curious about the world. In my own opinion, this alone tells us much about him, and almost by default assists in explaining the mess he has made of our country.

Chris Worden said...


Questioning someone's intellect can come across as being shrill. I get that. And that is why I seldom do it. But here, I have the strongst compulsion I ever have. Left to his own devices, I doubt President Bush wouldn't have done anything in Africa because he would have never taken time to learn the facts about the epidemic. He has no intellectual curiosity, which means he is NOT a chip off the old block. Say what you want about his old man, but he was at least substantive.