Friday, August 1, 2008

Advance Indiana Takes Two Steps Back on Ludacris Story

Just when you thought Advance Indiana couldn’t get sillier. BLAM!

Hip hop star, Ludacris, wrote a song favoring Obama that called Hillary Clinton the “b” word and was questionable in some other regards that I can’t remember. I’m sure John Price is somewhere with a stenograph going over each word, so get a report from him. Anyway, because Obama said he had Ludacris in his Ipod, Advance Indiana thinks Obama shouldn’t be your president.

Is that what it’s come down to? Deciding our president based on who is in his IPOD?

That's the dumbest thing I've ever read, and as a regular at Advance Indiana, that’s saying something.

I'm tired of guilt by association rants. I don't believe, support, or imitate everything I see or hear. If you accept Gary’s argument, though, you must. So....I feel very bad for you, and I can only caution you to avoid packs of lemmings near cliffs because you might go over with them.

I have seen thousands of violent movies, but I don't kill. In fact, I've never even been in a fight. I listened to Pink Floyd's "The Wall," and somehow managed not to disrespect the public education system. I have Lynrd Skynrd's "Sweet Home Alabama" on my Ipod. Here are some of its lyrics:

"In Birmingham, they love the governor,
Now we all did what we could do,
Now Watergate does not bother me
Does your conscience bother you?"

In addition, the final chorus rhymes "where the skies are so blue" with "and the governor's true." The Governor of whom they speak? Rabid segregationist George Wallace. How am I not in the klan?

I’ve listened to Ludacris since he first came out. I challenge you to find ANYBODY who says I’m a misogynist or who has ever heard me use the “b” word. When I was in college, I listened to NWA's song, "F--- tha police," and guess what?!? I've publicly criticized those who disrespect police officers, and I've never been arrested. I loved Busta Rhymes’ song, “Pass the Courvoisier,” and yet, I’ve never drank it! How is this possible?

The next thing Advance Indiana is going to tell you is that watching Brokeback Mountain will turn you gay, so we should be worried about any presidential candidate with that movie in his or her DVD collection.

If AI is going to quote Ludacris lyrics, it can at least quote the good ones:

Shout out to Bill O'Reilly,
I'ma throw you a curve,
You mad cause I'm a THIEF,
and got away with words,
I'ma start my own beverage,
it'll calm your nerves
Pepsi's the New Generation -



Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I believe in free speech or I would say take Advance Indiana off the internet. Doesn't Gary have any responsiblity to keep the slime and sleaze off his blog. When people write polite but points of disagreement with him, he censors the writing. Then he either goes off on an anti Obama rant with no substance or one of his buddies writes in comparing Obama to Hitler........Shameful!!

Anonymous said...

I have become disappointed at Gary's constant anti-black bashing. Initially, I thought he genuinely was going after Monroe Gray and the Ghetto Mafia because they WERE doing wrong. I soon found out he's just going after ALL blacks, even the good ones, just because he resents blacks, especially those who have taken HIS opportunities in life; he suffers from White entitlement syndrome. He just couldn't compete in life and he blames it on other blacks.

Also, I no longer post to his site because I don't trust he keeps everyone's identity to himself. He's ratted out several people on his blog, which is a no-no.

Another reason I no longer post is I believe he provides your identity to those in power such as Carl Brizzi, etc.

I don't refer anyone to his site anymore either.

Anonymous said...

He was unmerciful toward Julia Carson in her last days and then carried out a vendetta against Andre Carson. Now it is Obama. I agree originally I thought his constant writing against Monroe Gray et al was pretty much an interest in good government and was the same thing many Democrats were saying in private. He rarely ever discusses issues directly related to the gay community which was the whole idea of his blog. I, too, have removed his site from my favorites and will no longer listen to bigotry and lies that he posts.

Wilson46201 said...

Gary Welsh logic: George Wallace was a Democrat, IPOPA is a Democrat therefore all Democrats are racists so vote for the GOP slate of straight white candidates!!!

Chris Worden said...

I am reading a fascinating book by Howard Fineman called "The 13 Arguments." His premise is that the parties change, but the argument remains the same. Lincoln and the Republican Party ended slavery, and Southern Democrats (Dixiecrats) preserved segregation for another hundred years. But this is why we have to reassess frequently who is for which argument at a given point in time. If you assume the black community doesn't purposefully inflict political damage on itself, you can pretty easily assess which party has been more supportive by looking at who holds leadership roles in that party. The Congressional Black Caucus, the last time I checked, did not have a SINGLE Republican member. The Indiana General Assembly does not have a SINGLE black Republican. The Marion County Republican Party has ONE black judge, Cynthia Ayres, but despite trying to become a Court of Appeals Judge repeatedly and federal magistrate, she has never climbed higher. The Republican Party has never made a black man or woman its presidential nominee. SO...while it might change, for now, the Democratic Party can at least claim greater opportunities for black people than the Republican can. Anybody who disputes that is living in fantasy land.

Mann Law, P.C. said...

You left out black republicans in the CC and Reuben Hill may be dissapointed to learn he is not a judge, black or republican whihc is it. Many blacks from Indiana have run for office as the republican nominee.

Anonymous said...

Well IPOPA, you must have struck a nerve. It appears that Advance Indiana has taken down its link to your site. At least nobody is thin skinned.

Wilson46201 said...

Poor Gary Welsh is so insecure and defensive that he has done that removal of several local blogs that have criticized him. He is so arrogant in his Aryan superiority!

Now the poor guy has joined the HIV-deniers clique. At the rate he is going these days, he'll end up in the same place as Dr. Simmelweis: dead in a straitjacket in an insane asylum!

Jon E. Easter said...

Looks like Gary has removed the link to your blog from his blog.

Anonymous said...

Good riddance to Advance Indiana and the racist, lying smears that are peddled there every day. I am getting tired of the references to Hitler in regard to Obama, the accusations that there is "proof" that Obama is not really an American citizen and on and on and on.....

Chris Worden said...

True Conservative:

Man, did you catch me. I completely left out Reuben Hill! My apologies to the Judge. Understand that I certainly do not mean to minimize other black candidates in Republican circles, but they tend to assume the mantel when they have little or no chance of winning in the race (Alan Keyes, Eric Dickerson). I'm not saying there aren't ANY. I'm just saying check the math, and it's pretty telling.

Anonymous said...

You don't need a link from Advanced Indiana, IPOPA. This blog is better written and more balanced. I enjoying reading you :o)

Oh, I also think the author of Advanced Indiana has morphed into a churlish, race-baiter. He definitely is leaning more anti-black than a true rainbow coalition.