Monday, August 4, 2008

Bayh VP is a Lock?

Bilerico's main essayist, Bil Browning, puts together pieces like he's Grisham in a CSI episode, and he's written a doozy of a story on Senator Bayh getting the VP nod. Its language is versed in speculation ("stick out my neck"), but the considerations raised, when taken in conjunction, makes the VP nod sound like Bayh fait accompli, which is probably why the Huffington Report fronted the story.

(But read it at Bilerico, and get the man well-deserved traffic credit).

The jist? Obama is in Elkhart with Bayh on Tuesday but Bilerico was told to stay available for a Wednesday morning event that isn't on the schedule but that the Obama campaign wants covered. Also, the timing makes sense, as there is good press to be had before the Olympics.

I've said for weeks I thought Bayh had a lock on this if he could pass the VP vetting. That was mostly raw gut, talking to people, and reading tea leaves. Kudos to Bil for serving the story in a more palatable by running it through "the Browning element."

Indiana just got a LOT more interesting, folks.



Anonymous said...

While I've never made the front page of Huff Po before, I have to admit that today's big thrill was making Comedy Central.

Thanks for the shout out, Chris!

Lalita said...

You used "Bayh" and "interesting" in the same blog post. That, friends, is talent.