Monday, August 4, 2008

Woe is Me? Advance Indiana Severs Connection, But Easter is Here!

Here's what you need to know about me. I strive to get facts and analysis right, but sometimes I don't. So I need to be "checked" periodically. This is why I have a profound respect for opposing opinions; I don't censor them.

In the entire time I've operated this blog, I've never removed a single comment. I did warn somebody once who was trying to bogard my blog by posting a bunch of unrelated comments. So if people want to take issue with what I say, I let them, even when they keep themselves anonymous. Personally, I wish they wouldn't. But hey, if the authors of the Federalist Papers called themselves Publius, how can I hate just because "Publius" was facing potential death for treason while my posters only face the inconvenience of people discarding their argument because they believe the poster is crazy?

I posted an entry in which I said I thought Advance Indiana was being "dumb" for caring about what Obama has playing in his IPOD, and as retaliation, AI removed IPOPA from his bloglist.

In response, I'm keeping Advance Indiana up on mine. I encourage all readers who lean toward my party (Democrat) to keep reading Advance Indiana. I listen to Limbaugh AND Garrison, and I read a LOT of conservative blogs just to see what's going on and to challenge my own thinking. When we get afraid and want to shut opposing voices down, that when I know we've lost the argument.

AND on the subject of voices, let's give a round of applause to Jon Easter, the Decatur Township Democratic Party Chair, who has joined the blogocracy.

May you all make many happy returns to Indydemocrat!



Anonymous said...

Advance Indiana scares the shit out of me these days - Gary has so clearly gone off the deep end that I seriously have to wonder about his mental state.
Whereas I used to read it for its opposing viewpoint, the conspiracy theories and racism are so out there I rarely read it now. He's lost it.
Kara G.

Jon E. Easter said...

Thanks IPOPA, but you give me too much credit. I'm just a Ward Chair and President of our Decatur Township Democratic Club. Paul Fox is the Decatur Township Coordinator, and Joyce Fitzpatrick is the other Ward Chair here in Decatur Township.

Thanks for the kind words and the link to my blog. I enjoyed meeting with you and the others on Saturday at the discussion on race.

Chris Worden said...


I've said before jokingly that I thought Mr. Welsh was going to "blow a gasket," but I never meant it seriously. Also, I'm not ready to throw him under the bus just yet on the race issue. He is showing his skirt with his single-minded obsession against Obama, Carson, and Frank Anderson. Things that make me go, hmmmm.

Alson, Jon...sorry about the confusion on the title, which is funny because I saw Paul the week before! Friends don't let friends stay up late and blog!

Wilson46201 said...

IPOPA: don't feel badly about being de-listed from vindictive Gary Welsh's blogroll. Bilerico has been banned. Both stAllio! and Steph Mineart (of A Commonplace Book) have long been personnae non grata.

After battling "The Scribe" (Jacob Perry) and banishing his nutterball blog, Circle City Pundit, Gary Welsh has now realized that although they differ on gay issues, that Perry is just as reactionary as he is; therefore Jacob Perry has been allowed back again.

As a petty bigot and smalltown gossip, Welsh has seemingly abandoned championing LGBT issues and is showing his true colors as just another doctrinnaire Republican propagandist wingnut: a second-rate Matt Drudge -- a peevish Ann Coulter without the personal charm and wit.

Anonymous said...


If you don't start answering my email, I'm gonna have to stop visiting your blog.


All jokes aside, let me know if you haven't received my recent messages. I'll be seeing you on 8/22.

Jon E. Easter said...

Advance Indiana has added me to the banned list, apparently. After weeks of allowing me to publish comment after comment, Gary did not elect to publish my comment on his "Smoke and Mirrors" Obama story because it disproved his entire post. He claims that Obama's presence in Indiana is just the head fake many have claimed it to be. When I offered that Obama has organized on the southside of Indy with township by township teams and just named 92 county liaisons, too, I guess it must have been too much for him.

Wilson46201 said...

Don't present facts to Gary Welsh! They only confuse him...

Anonymous said...

We need to start ignoring the lunatic raving and ranting of Advance Indiana. Something is wrong there and some republicans have told me that he is avoided by the leaders of the GOP also. I think from now on, I am going to say, "Gary who"?