Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Woman Who Destroyed History When She Couldn't Make It

The Clinton sabotage saga continues...

Mary Beth Schneider of the Indianapolis Star reports that only 47% of Hillary Clinton's supporters are "solidly" behind Obama. One Clinton delegate from Wisconsin already appeared in a John McCain commercial in which she urges Clinton supporters to defect. Given how clearly McCain's policies contradict Clinton's own, this reaction is can only be characterized as irrational, emotionally-driven "taking my ball and going home." Even ardent Clinton supporters, such as Indianapolis City-County Councilor Joanne Sanders see that.

(Am I going to be branded a sexist now because I called this woman's reaction "irrational?")

Now Clinton is set to take the stage to mend fences. I hope I'm wrong, but I detect "too little, too late." In cruel irony for Obama, the more spectacular Clinton is on the podium, the more she will fuel the discontent at what could have been. Clinton could have been on the phone all along directly to her key supporters, including this Wisconsin delegate, but did she do that? No. She just kept leaving the bread crumbs.

And that's why, according to the Star:

Republicans were hosting a "Happy Hour for Hillary" party Monday in Denver, inviting "open-minded Democrats" who might see McCain as the better qualified candidate.

In what other universe has one party's nominee been so easily torpedoed by its own people?

Respectfully, I must remind Councilor Sanders and those Clinton supporters who are upset that Clinton was not considered for VP of the divisive and insulting fear mongering that characterized the Clinton campaign. Had HRC wanted to be VP, she could have evened her tone and made it palatable for Obama to work with her. Instead, SHE chose to go for the win with scorched earth (though, admittedly, not as scorched as her consultant Mark Penn wanted to make to it).

Clinton can't cry now when she has to walk in ashes.


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Anonymous said...

As a former Clinton fan, I can not begin to tell you how little respect and regard I have for her, her husband and many of ther crybaby supporters.