Saturday, August 30, 2008

Buyer Beware: Congressman Gets Feelings Hurt?

For somebody who touts his military service (of subpoenas) constantly to make us think he's tough as steel, Steve Buyer sure can be creampuff. Remember in 2006 when Buyer refused to debate David Sanders, his Democratic opponent, because he was "mean-spirited?"

Now Buyer says there will only be one debate with his current opponent, Nels Ackerson, because Ackerson allegedly violated a debate rule, though Ackerson has no idea what Buyer is talking about, nor does anybody in the 4th District. Buyer is supposed to issue a statement to clarify what he meant. Word on the street is that Buyer was upset that the Ackerson campaign advertised the debate, which was hosted before the Indiana Farm Bureau. WHAT!?!?!? Yes, you read this correctly. Buyer was upset the Ackerson was telling people they were going to debate. Umm....isn't that the point of a debate? To get people to attend so, ya know, they can educate themselves?

Anytime somebody attacks Buyer's positions, voting record, or the fact that he pledged to serve only six years in Congress over sixteen years ago, Buyer takes his ball and goes home. Certainly, any campaign can decide debate schedule, and it is a tactic used by both parties' candidates who are leading to duck debates for fear of saying something stupid. But you'll see me call out my own party members when they don't debate. You'll also see me give credit to "poll leaders," such as Mitch Daniels, when they agree to debate when they have, ostensibly, a lot to risk in doing so.

Sure, some candidates or elected officials might be extremely knowledgeable and completely in tune with their constituents and still come off poorly for want of television polish. I get that. But
debating is part of the ritual that is running for public office, and if an elected official cannot withstand the intensity of public scrutiny and criticism, I find myself questioning whether (s)he is up to the job. You have to have a thick skin in politics, or you'll start acting out in vindictive and petty ways against political opponents that will compromise your constituents' best interests. And that's what bothers me about Buyer. He's too sensitive, and as a result, he suffers from podium cowardice.

That's why I'm about to utter probably my most "mean spirited" remark of the year:

Congressman Buyer, grow a set.



Anonymous said...

Any polling from the 4th yet? I haven't been following that one too closely since Baron Hill is facing a rematch against Knucklehead Sodrel in our district.

Any realistic chance Buyer goes down?

Anonymous said...

Buyer likes to play golf while on the government payroll. Why would he willing give that up?

Mann Law, P.C. said...

Did I miss you post on Obama refusing to be with McCain on 10 town hall meetings?

Mann Law, P.C. said...

By the way Buyer should debate him in every county in his district or at least in every media market.

Eclecticvibe said...

I' like to see Obama or McCain debate 3rd party candidates in at least one debate. Most political debates these days seem to be more scripted than an actual debate. Even if you're not going to vote for a 3rd party, don't you want to know what they have to say? Wouldn't this make mainstream candidates address issues that they otherwise get to skirt? I think we need to reconsider the whole premise behind debates as we now know them, and look for a better way to get to know our candidates.

Jon E. Easter said...

Steve Buyer is a great big This man has been so absent from his district except for anything with "veteran" or "job fair" on it that David Sanders put him on a milk carton in 2004. Anytime he is challenged, he goes into the corner and pouts saying, "THEY BEIN MEAN TO ME," before sobbing himself to sleep.

I am glad that you have blogged on this. I was planning to do it, but the Palin thing just threw me into a tissy. Steve Buyer needs to go! Unfortunately, the Fourth District is NRLB in registration..."NO REPUBLICAN LEFT BEHIND."

The good news for Ackerson is that Buyer isn't very well liked...or even people in his own party.


Chris Worden said...


I hadn't followed that closely, but now I have, and I can say that Obama agreed to five debates with varying formats, which means he's doing two more than any of the presidential candidates have done in the last three election cycles. So, yeah, I don't think he's pulling a Buyer. If he bails on four of those, then we'll talk.