Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Bayh Now or Pay Later, Hillary!

Doing the kind of thing you do when you're great friends with someone (and you want to be her vice-president), Senator Evan Bayh gives as passionate a plea as he knows how in an ad for Hillary Clinton that goes into wide circulation today in Indiana.


In the ad, a curiously cropped Senator Bayh (why does the photographer cut him off at the forehead?!?) says of Clinton, "She's got a spine of steel."

It's even money whether this will become the most mocked line of the political season or will become the rallying cry for Clinton's uncanny ability to withstand pressure. I'm expecting my vote for the latter to be vindicated on the Daily Show today or tomorrow. Given the amount of time Clinton has spent "humanizing" herself, having anything about her being described as metallic is too terminator-esque for my tastes. Expect a "robo-cop" type parody as soon as John Stewart gets a whiff of Senator Bayh's line.

Here’s the text of the ad:

America faces challenging times. We need a leader who will fight for good jobs, change trade deals like NAFTA, cut taxes for middle-class families.

Someone who’s ready to be commander-in-chief from day one. That leader? Hillary Clinton.

I’ve known Hillary for twenty years. She’s got a spine of steel.

She’ll fight for our jobs, our troops, and the America we love.

Strong. Seasoned. She’ll always stand up for us.

The ad concludes with a photo of Evan Bayh and Hillary Clinton holding their hands up together. The implied message is GREAT - vote for Hillary, and this is the same photo you'll see at the convention, Hoosiers! The problem is that she won't cinch the deal. It's politically astute to string as many suitors along as long as possible because as soon as you decide, you've got one ingrate and a bunch of malcontents.

But this delay is why, if you poll the people under the roof at the Indiana Democratic Party HQ, you'll only find ONE Clinton supporter, Chairman Dan Parker, and given that he serves at the pleasure of Senator Bayh, one wonders whether he's for Hillary because he wants to be or because he HAS to be.

When Hillary gets off the fence, she'll get a LOT of Hoosiers following her. But if she's doing a rope-a-dope on the most successful Indiana Democrat of a generation, and he doesn't get her selection, she'll get a cold shoulder when she comes back. And she should.



Anonymous said...

Best. Post Headline. EVER.

Anonymous said...

First, spine of steel reminds me of famed Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo......secondly, I too wondered about the cropped forehead of Evan Bayh...the rest of the ad sounded the the usual carefully written emotionaless speech that Bayh is famous for giving. Certainly nothing that will motivate anyone to be for Hillary.

Anonymous said...

I love her but I'm not a EB fan.

Go Hillary and lose Evan!

Anonymous said...

If you support Bo and he gets the nomination then the whitehouse you will be wondering what happened when he moves the Black Panthers and the Muslim population into the whitehouse. Rev wright will be there too as will loud mouthed Michelle who has never been proud of her country. Hillary can produce jobs and can get the economy going. What part of the 90s didn't you like, the peace or the prosperity?

Anonymous said...

anon 7:16....your hate speech makes a person ashamed to be a Hoosier. Take those sheets and hood off and let us know who you are.

Chris Worden said...

Anon 7:51, don't waste your breath on Anon 7:16 and all those others who want to make sure it stays a WHITE house.