Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Calling Dr. Ossip!

They say you have to see a TV ad seven times to absorb its content, and the same is apparently true for yard signs. I drove by Greg Taylor’s sign again this morning, and it does NOT have a white box for you to write whatever you want in it. RATHER, it has two white bars, one on BOTH sides of “State Senate.” In other words, it was just a standard design and someone just wrote "33" in the borders of one of the bars. So much for my idea for masterful marketing of yard signs to ambitious but uncertain politicians! I do think if you're going to hand-write something on your sign, you should do it in crayon so everyone thinks a kid did it. I'm told that everybody loves kids.


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legaldiva said...

LOL. Why was I driving down the street looking at the signs after I read this entry...you almost cause three accidents!