Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Clinton's Over Obama in Indy

It's weird having national press people care about little old Indiana. runs some Indiana numbers today, and it's bad news for Obama.

Hillary has a nine point lead, but there aren't many undecideds left to pick from.

Your cross-tabs are here. The pollster suggests some of Clinton's support is cross-over Republicans.

Obama is already smarting from a bad bowling game, which received more coverage than most presidents get negotiating peace in the Middle East. Obama was ridiculed by Joe Scarborough, who said the form Obama showed on his way to a "37" score was "dainty." But that's only HALF the story, folks! Obama stopped after the 6th frame, which he spared. Since he hadn't bowled the seventh, his 6th frame score had not been added back, so Obama already had at LEAST 47 heading into the 7th. If you extrapolate that score through ten frames plus add a couples pins per frame based on his obvious momentum, and he would have....OH MY GOD, has the media actually forced me to "spin" a bowling score!?!?

I fear for our country.

(In the future, Barack, I recommend making a secret trip through PBA Hall of Famer Mike Aulby's Arrowhead Bowl in Lafayette before you hit the lanes again).


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