Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Apocalypse is Near?!?!?

Folks, I’m terrified. I just learned I agree with Karl Rove.

The Lord of Darkness told Obama, whom Rove believes WILL be the nominee, that he needs to sharpen his repudiation of Reverend Wright because he’s making people “worry.” This is essentially what I said yesterday. Working class white folks aren't too keen on angry black men, even when they stand behind a pulpit and regardless of what they accomplish for their congregants.

Sorry, but Obama WILL have to condemn more strongly Reverend Wright, now that he has again stirred the cauldron…because "that’s what politicians do."



Doug said...

I disagree. Maybe Obama needs to repeat what he said before, but repudiating Wright as opposed to some of his views (with which Obama has already stated his disagreement) won't help him. To those who are worked up about Wright, nothing Obama says will change their minds. Instead, it will simply make Obama look weak and calculating which will lose him some of the support he has.

Instead, I think his surrogates should mock the game of "Six Degrees of Barack Obama" that's being played instead of asking about and analyzing Obama's views on particular policies.

legaldiva said...

You agree with Karl Rove...you're right, the apocalypse is near. I'm not so sure that bashing the rev is going to do it at this point. He needs to concentrate on the issues and not the distractions.

artfuggins said...

Obama must have read your blog...he has repudiated Rev. Wright in the stongest of words. I feel much better now that he made it clear that Wright does not speak for him.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. Obama tries to be nice about it, and bam. . .Rev. Wright jumps into the spotlight and pushes Obama in front of the bus. Obama did a great job today in his press conference essentially stating the Rev. Wright has gone batty!

legaldiva said...

Okay, he addressed it, but did he really need to? Seriously, are voters so dumb that they think that the rev spoke for him? I'm just bothered that people that stupid are helping to make the decision on who runs our country.

Chris Worden said...

I agree with Doug, Legaldiva, Art, and Anonymous, and you know how crazy that makes me!?! Doug, there is some segment of the population that care about the denunciation NOT because THEY particularly care, but because they know others (a LOT of voters) care. The rational superdelegates can't take the heat for Wright, so Obama had to put out the fire. I don't know if I'd have said, "Go out and bash him," BUT I wouldn't have blamed Obama for it. He essentially played nice with the Reverend and upheld the good things he does while disagreeing with a lot of the message, and Wright goes out and accuses Obama of speaking like a politician (which is NOT a compliment). It's no secret that I've said I didn't find Reverend Wrights' remarks as terrifying as maybe others have, BUT there is no way anybody was going to buy his spiel that this was about "protecting the African-American church." The only person who has been under scrutiny is Rev. Wright, and so he deftly tried to spin the attacks on him as an attack on black church methodology to gain friends from other pulpits. I suspect those "friends" are going to feel pretty stupid for jumping on the Reverend Wright bandwagon if Obama doesn't get the nomination. And as Legaldiva noted, "If this was not a slash and burn exercise, why couldn't Wright have waited until after the primary season?"