Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Everyone Considered Them The Cowards Of the County...

As affirmation for my “bitter” post...

The Star reports that Obama has a five percent lead in Indiana, and Hillary’s Pennsylvania lead is steadily declining. In PA, 24% report Obama’s handling of the “bitter” flap has improved their opinion of him, while only 15% say it makes them think less favorably. Fifty-eight percent of voters say it made no impression (which restores some of my faith in democracy).

Obama today also picked up the endorsement of Congressman and superdelegate, Andre Carson.

This will, of course, be churned by all the conspiracy-minded Republican weirdos who now see Obama (a SECRET Muslim!) taking the endorsement of a REAL Muslim. JIHAD CABAL!!! How is it possible to believe BOTH that Obama is a Muslim while ALSO attacking him for spending twenty years in church with a divisive Christian pastor? Don’t ask. These are the same folks who believed Reagan when he said we could cut taxes, raise defense spending, AND have a balanced budget.

But since those people wouldn’t have voted for Carson or Obama anyway, I’m not losing sleep over the expected "fallout" from the endorsement. But it still bothers me because Carson was playing it safe. He was asked at the Elrod debate before the special election (back when Clinton was running much stronger in Indiana) who he supported, and he wouldn’t say. Now that Obama is surging in Indiana (and tearing up the 7th district), he takes a stand?

Sorry, but nothing in Carson’s endorsement statement wasn’t true of Obama before the special election, and I don’t believe for a second that Carson didn’t know he was going to endorse Obama. There’s a difference between not knowing and not saying. The latter is cowardly. Of course, to my knowledge, neither Myers, Mays, or David O. have stated their preference either. Bock bock! (chicken noises all around)



artfuggins said...

You are inaccurate. Dr. Woody Myers donated $4600 to Obama. What I cant figure out is why he used a California address if he is running for congress in Indiana. I know he hasn't lived here for 20 years but couldn't he use an Indiana address for his contibutions. Could this be illegal for providing false info on a federal campaign contribution form or is he really a resident of California who is just here to buy a Congressional seat. Any doubters as to the accuracy of my info, can check it out on the website for the Federal Election Commission financial reports.

Chris Worden said...


I agree that Myers maxed out to Obama in, I recall, April of 2007, but Dr. Myers, to my knowledge hasn't publicly endorsed Obama, which is strange to me because if money talks...he's already said it. Of course, Dr. Myers also gave money to Clinton in 2006, but that was ostensibly for her senate re-election.

Anonymous said...

I have stumbled onto your blog and will quickly stumble away upon learning (and reading) that this is painfully partisan political analysis.
So much for truth in advertising.

Chris Worden said...

Anon 8:31, if you can tell me who I'm for, let ME know.