Monday, June 16, 2008

It's Not the Same Without Tim Russert

It's weird to feel loss about someone you don't really know. But there it was....the second I realized that my Sunday morning ritual of watching Russert grill the power elite was no more.

Talk about painfully objective. Russert was never shrill or embarrassing, but he made people from all ideologies eat their own words like Rush Limbaugh eats shrimp cocktail. That's what I loved about the guy. If you said you hated bagels in 2007, he and his crack research staff would find an article from the Des Moines Register in 1983 where you were quoted as saying you loved them with cream cheese. I've never seen anybody as so well-prepared for an interview in my entire life, and I don't think I will again.

You know how they say when you die, you get to ask God all the questions you've wanted to ask? This will mark the first time God sweats.



legaldiva said...

We are on the same page. It doesn't seem right that he won't be around during this historic presidential election. He's really the only commentator I watch regularly because he cuts to the chase in a respectful manner. I'm far to cynical to buy into the b.s. that most people flock to, but with Mr. Russert's death there's truly a void that will not be filled for many moons to come.

ruth holladay said...

Wonderful commentary, IPOPA.

Anonymous said...

As a democrat you would think he was fair. These media types who have a history with either party should disclose that on every show just like people on stock shows having to disclose their holdings. While I morn his passing and feel for his family, he was not the icon of fairness that he was made up to be.

ruth holladay said...

I'm more of an independent than a Democrat. I can swing both ways, depending on who is running. I voted for Bush twice.
As for the media bias, I watched quite a bit of TV commentary during the primary. MSNBC clearly showed a bias towards Obama, especially Chris Matthews and Keith Olberman. I did think, during one of the debates that Russert conducted, that he went overboard to give Sen. Clinton a break (perhaps based on feedback he was getting from the Clinton team). I do know that the Clintons did not believe him to be fair, and I can only presume that was less personal and more because of his media affiliation.
It's nonsense that reporters/pundits are objective. When I was at the Star, most of the reporters were Dems. The bias in print against Goldsmith as mayor and especially during his run for governor was so obvious that Gene Pulliam at one point had to "intervene," something he rarely did.
Just my 2 cents worth.

Anonymous said...

I know (at least I hope) you didn't mean it that way, but God "sweats" for no man.
And Russert, God rest his soul, was clearly biased towards Dems and libs (which are one and the same).

Aleea said...

Wonderful post, wish I had written it myself.

Anonymous said... For a viewpoint based on personal knowledge.