Thursday, June 12, 2008

Fox News Makes Change: Viewers Pray To God It's Just Started

The Fox News anchor who churned the idea that the Obama did a "terrorist fist jab" with his wife even though there was no basis for the comment in her story has been taken off the air. One might say, "Wow. Fox is being responsible?!?!" Let's not get crazy, okay. She's still on staff, and the producer on the segment wasn't demoted or punished in any.

In addition, Fox News ran a graphic that referred to Michelle Obama as "Obama's Baby Mama."

Putting aside FOR NOW that I find the phrase "baby mama" inherently offensive because it legitimizes illegitimacy, I'll offer this gem of advice:

"IF you are relatively certain that someone from your ethnic group did not coin the phrase, you miiiight want to investigate how that phrase is perceived by those who did."

Or, if you're somebody who doesn't have any "best friends who are black," at least check the Urban Dictionary, for crying out loud.

"Baby mama" is no compliment, as it refers generally to:

(a) single mother who slept with someone without establishing any real relationship; and

(b) often refers to a woman who is a gold-digger who is using the baby as a means to financial well-being.

Using "baby mama" to describe a professional, independent woman whose children were born in an intact marriage, such as Michelle Obama, is as insulting as calling a nun a "slut."

This is what happens when an organization is more concerned about trying to be "hip" then giving "fair and balanced" news. They end up giving neither.

What's next, Fox? "Outraged Liberals: Quit Dissin' Our Homey, ya fake-@ss bustas!"


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legaldiva said...

I've tried being objective about Fox "news", I merely view them as tabloid journalism.