Monday, June 9, 2008

The Glass is (Van) Haaften Empty

State Representative Trent Van Haaften, who made a name for himself with some fine prosecutorial work in Posey County before turning his attention to the Indiana General Assembly, is not interested in serving as the Democrats' LG nominee.

(Van Haaften has had his name dropped by political pundits more times in the last three weeks than a houseful of washed up TV stars in a reality show drops the names of their more successful co-stars).

Limelight is nice, of course, but Van Haaften is content to continue his work for his constituents back in Indiana's 76th, where he works as an attorney with Bamberger, Foreman, Oswald, and Hahn.

Sources at the General Assembly say Van Haaften has built a reputation for seeking bi-partisan consensus. One wonders how comfortable Van Haaften would have been then with the slinging of rocks and arrows that will be necesssary to bring down the giant that is Governor Daniels' warchest.

This seems to have exhausted the public list of distinguished southern gentlemen from whom Jill Long can pick. Therefore, we know this is about to get REAL exciting, folks. It means either that JLT has other names in the hopper, and we're going to get a REAL surprise announcement, or she's seeking Northern exposure with Lake County Sherrif Roy Dominguez. If she does the latter, her campaign will need to camp South of U.S. 40 to make inroads in key battleground counties.

Stay tuned....


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