Monday, June 30, 2008

Waterman World Sequel - As Disastrous as the Kevin Costner Version!

As sad as I am to say this, sometimes there's just no good way to market crazy.

My compadres at Frugal Hoosiers note that State Senator John Waterman, who claimed he would wage an aggressive campaign to get on the ballot as the gubernatorial candidate for the Taxpayer's Party, has acquired a grand total of.......128 signatures. ("Fast Eddie" Feigenbaum at Indiana Insight shows a number closer to 500ish, but even with "the new math," that's a bit off, kids).

I know I'm "biting from my homies" at Frugal, but I can't resist. This might be the funniest political paragraph in 2008:

As of Friday, Indiana County Clerks had received a total of 128 certified signatures for Sen. John Waterman, leaving him just about 33,000 votes short of the 33,000 votes needed to get him on the ballot in his race for governor. That's about four per day since he announced. At this rate, Waterman will qualify for ballot access in December of 2030. He'll be 86 years old.

I knew Waterman would have a hard time getting the signatures, so I offered help in the form of a contest. I said I'd buy dinner to the Democrat who provided the largest number of signatures to me before the deadline. Let me do a quick tally of my responses. Okay...if I add the 10 signatures I collected, I now have...eleven (an impressive 7.8% of Waterman's total as of Friday).
Respectfully, shouldn't Waterman have been able to get 128 signatures in a day from nursing homes? Some of them are already confused, so that would have been playing to his natural constituency.

Governor Daniels will spin this as Hoosiers seeing what a great job he's doing.

I'll spin it as the public not trusting a guy with mutton chop sideburns in the 21st century.



Anonymous said...

Feel free to crosspost anytime. We're regular readers. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

IPOPA, The county voter registration offices have until noon, July 15th to certify the signatures that Waterman turned in. So we might see those numbers increase.

Chris Worden said...

Anon 9:37 - oh, I know. But do you really think the jump will go from 128 to 33,000?

Anonymous said...

I, along with two friends, sent in our signatures. They were sent back for being on the wrong form (independent versus 3rd party). Can I get an honorable mention in the free dinner contest? Might be kinda hard being anon and all.

Eclecticvibe said...

This just proves our ballot access process is a farce, meant to keep anyone not Democrat or Republican (or Libertarian) from having their name added to the ballot in Indiana.