Wednesday, June 11, 2008

How Stupid Does Fox News Think America Is?

I fear for America. Specifically, I fear for anybody who says Fox News is “fair and balanced” after watching this video about the biggest NON-story in presidential history: the Obamas touching fists before Barack’s victory speech.

Fox has managed to take a sweet and intimate gesture between the Obamas and sensationalize it in the most ludicrous way imaginable.

Listen closely as the newscaster questions what you should call it when the Obama’s touch closed hands together:

“A fist bump? A pound? A terrorist fist jab?!?”

A WHAT?!?!?

Yes, you heard this right. The newscaster suggests that SOMEBODY out there has equated this gesture to something TERRORIST!!! But the funny thing is, other than in her introduction, you NEVER hear any reference to terrorists or terrorism by anybody. In other words, we have what is called a "dangling lead" because there is NOTHING underneath in the story to support it.

Way to go, Fox! You should change your slogan from “Fair and Balanced” to “Dumbing down America One Newscast at a Time.”

Fox is not alone though. The Bob and Tom Show devoted a half hour to this same subject yesterday, begging the question, “Why?” I know he’s funny, but only someone so unrepentantly un-hip as Tom Griswold could find the Obamas’ gesture unusual or noteworthy in any respect.

This is, of course, UNLESS you are trying to imbed an image in people’s mind of something nefarious done by Barack HUSSEIN Obama…even when there’s NOTHING there.

FOX knows truth won’t matter because it knows the insinuation plays into SOME white people’s paranoia. I promise you when the “terrorist fist jab” allegation doesn’t stick, you’ll see blogs in the next week that say the Obamas exchanged some kind of “black power” symbol.

If you buy into any of this, please turn in your voter registration card because you’re clearly too stupid to vote.
I promise you the moment the intro to this story was written, an oven started warming up in hell for a Fox news producer.



legaldiva said...

Wow, now this is as low as it gets...a terrorist fist jab? The news reports are getting less relevant each day. Seriously, who thinks of something so dumb to air? Not that I expect much of Fox News, but even they should fire the nimwit that came up with this dumb a$$ story.

Wilson46201 said...

Fox and the FBI should investigate Mitch Daniels about this terrorist fist jab. Under the leadership of Syrian-American Governor Daniels, his Dept of Corrections has made this terrorist fist jab (aka knuckle-knock) official State policy in Hoosier prisons. What kind of weird indoctrination is happening there covertly?

Bored Indiana minds want to know!