Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Vile File

One thing I've always prided myself on is not being vile on my blog toward people with whom I don't agree. I think George Bush and Dick Cheney have done horribly for this country. I think Greg Ballard is not well-suited to be Mayor. I think one of the most dangerous places in America is the space between Brian Bosma and a TV camera. But holding all of these views, I am unable to summon up the vinegar that people send toward Andre Carson. Advance Indiana won't say the respectful "Representative Carson." It uses "the Seed."

That puts Andre in good company with his grandmother, who many Republicans took to callously calling "Droolia" in her later life. I'm not optimistic about this, but I hold hope that at some point, we'll not be so bitter about people with whom we disagree.

I hope we won't accuse people, specifically Beth White, of stealing an election without evidence. The difference between here and, oh, say, Florida, is we all knew the votes were messed up in Florida. Retired Democratic Jews don't vote for Buchanan!

What's the evidence here? I'm not sure. If Mr. Welsh, Marion County Republican Chair Tom John, or Jon Elrod have something to litigate or investigate, do it. Bring it on. Find somebody who will do a poll of a precinct that you think Elrod REALLY won. But until then, I'm afraid you're REALLY sounding like sour grapes.


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