Monday, March 31, 2008

George Bush Doesn't Care About Black People

Ah, yes. The controversial line uttered by Kanye West after Katrina that caused Michael Myers' face to contort like an alien was about to come out his stomach. It's hard to say that George Bush and FEMA were not criminally negligent in their response to Katrina, but today I want to talk about whether George Bush cares about the black people he appoints to his cabinet. I say he doesn't.

If you care about somebody...REALLY care about somebody in a mentoring way, you nurture their aspirations, don't you? You want to see them do great things. And if you're a white Republican and you TRULY want a black Republican president, you would NEVER, EVER, EVER throw them under the bus, right?

Then why has George Bush taken the two most prominent and otherwise electable black people in the Republican Party - Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice - and put an albatross around both of their necks. Bush's White House sold out Powell when it made him give a speech at the UN with NO evidence. It killed any future political aspirations (though his wife might not have let him run anyway), and made him look like the modern version of Step 'n Fetchit. They could have sent anybody to the UN to lie, even the UN Ambassador since talking to the UN is, ya know, HIS JOB! But they sent Powell, thereby demolishing his credibility on the world stage forever. Also, isn't it strange that a military man was appointed to a diplomatic post. Why would you do that, unless you knew that he would create problems for your war-hungry appetites as head of the Department of Defense?

The same thing applies to Condoleeza Rice. Her resume is about intelligence and national security, not diplomacy. But again, they made her the public face of the administration internationally while divesting her of any ability to stop a pointless war in the way she could have as head of the Department of Defense.

Respectfully, most Americans hate this war. This was not the case when we went, of course, because the Bush White House stoked the flames of patriotism to work everybody into a furor. We were so upset about 9/11, it didn't really matter WHO we attacked, as long as we attacked somebody. This war has been a totally unnecessary detour in the effort to find Osama bin Laden, and the cost is staggering, including billions of dollars in cash that can't be found. It's ironic that Republicans want to shut down government benefit programs, such as food stamps, when they learn about fraud of this magnitude, but fraud in Iraq is written off as part of the cost of business.

How could Rice EVER run on this record? I stood up with the man who brought you the most pointless war in American history? And don't you think the Democratic Party read her convention speech in 2000 when she said:

"(George Bush) recognizes that the magnificent men and women of America's armed forces are not a global police force; they are not the world's 911."

Really? Then why are we in a sustained police action in Iraq? I promise you that if Rice runs, the Democrats are going to make her eat that quote for dinner, and they should. Maybe Bush doesn't like minorities at all. This would explain why he would appoint Alberto Gonzalez to a post where he knew he'd have to continously lie to Congress to get done what Bush wanted done.

Of course, some may say, "Chris, you can't say this was personal against Powell, Rice, or Gonzalez. George Bush was such a colossal screw up that nobody in his administration has any political future." That could be true. And this may also be why there aren't many black Republicans and certainly none who are viable for the presidency of the United States. Their careers are killed by Republican presidents.


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