Tuesday, March 25, 2008

More Cackles for Ackles

Dear Democrat Friends,

The next time you see city-county councilors Mary Moriarty Adams, Jose Evans, Angela Mansfield, or Jackie Nytes, show them your respect and cut them a check for re-election. These four showed REAL leadership when they joined the Republicans to pass a resolution (20-8) withholding the salary of Marion County coroner, Dr. Ken Ackles, until he passes basic certification requirements enacted by the Indiana General Assembly.


According to the Star story, this is the second council meeting Ackles didn't even attend to explain why he had not re-enrolled to retake the three sections of the test he failed. Had he at least done this, he would probably not be where he is. The law exempts coroners who can show a good faith basis for the failure to pass the test or who can show that "progress has been made."

But not showing up (and leaving the talking to your attorney) reeks of arrogance.

Was this decision politically motivated? Of course. This is just like the law to change the sheriff's salary. (Isn't it strange that they ONLY changed this law when a black man they couldn't stand was making that much money?)

Was it picking on a sweet old man? Absolutely. But you know what? My grandfather is a sweet old man, too, and when he can't drive any more, we'll take his license. We won't let him jeopardize other motorists.

The point is that sometimes "doing someone wrong" is still doing right. Every profession requires continuing education and often retesting, and if Ackles can't pass BASIC tests, he shouldn't be our coroner. Sorry, but my Marion County Democratic Party has to stop reflexively defending incompetence and arrogance.

This Ackles business is starting to get into Bobby Hidalgo Kern-type embarrassment for the party. TAKE THE D@MN TESTS OR QUIT ALREADY!


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Anonymous said...

I'll do that for some, but not that entire list. Even though he didn't vote with the majority, Mahern asking Ackles attorney if he was absent because he was studying is one of the funniest things ever!