Thursday, March 27, 2008

Taking Down Words is Taking Down Taking Down Words!?!?!

Jen Wagner, my favorite blog mistress (what a saucy title!), made blue readers across the state bluer today by announcing she is joining the gubernatorial campaign of Jim Schellinger. As a result of her new duties, TDW will become the blog equivalent of the septuagenarian partner the law firm can't coax into retirement, so they make him "of counsel." Yeah, he's still there, but he's not offering any new insight so people only pop in when they want to reminisce about "the good old days."

When Jen leaves, expect to hear what billionaire crazy man Ross Perot called a giant "sucking sound." Especially around me, as I keep saying, "Man, this sucks!"

I wish Jen well, though, and I actually feel bad for Mitch DanielSALAAM and Jill. Mr. Schellinger has acquired a tenacious PR fighter, not some Janette-off-the-street, mamby pamby, milquetoast, "couldn't spin clothes in a dryer," squishy puffdiddler.

Jen is also committed, so expect her to raise the campaign's "average number of weeks before staff member departure" into double digits!

There's a saying: "Nature abhors a vacuum." While this certainly explains why Nature's hardwoods are always covered in crumbs and cat hair, it doesn't really help answer the urgent question of the moment:

Can anyone fill the void left by the Wag-i-nator?

(Shake shake shake)

Magic 8-ball says:

"Outlook doubtful."


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