Thursday, April 22, 2010

Williams Ad Busts Mayor on Fuzzy Math

Democratic mayoral candidate, Brian Williams, has released an ad on Youtube calling into question the $425 million figure the Mayor has consistently touted as what the City would receive should it sells its water and sewer operations to Citizens Gas. Take a look:



Blog Admin said...

What's the honest number? Obviously the answer is the "$2 billion transaction" number used by Abdul :p

Bulldog said...

Transfer = Savings

Savings = Lower Rates


Some Savings = Sidewalks & Streets

Sidewalk & Streets = Less Savings

Less Savings = Higher Rates

Higher Rates = Tax Increase

Sidewalk & Streets = Less Savings = Higher Rates = Tax Increase

Sidewalk & Streets = Tax Increase

This City may very well need street and sidewalk repairs, but they need to do it the right way by admitting that streets and sidewalk repairs will mean a tax increase in the form of higher rates and let the taxpayers of Indy decide if they want to pay higher taxes for infrastructure through the referendum process.

You folks that brought pitchforks and torches to the Council in '07 over the income tax need to give this deal the same treatment. Deman a referendum - let the taxpayers decide.

Anonymous said...

I have seen a few things put out by Brian Williams on this water deal and they seem very detailed and well thought-out. Why isn't anyone else out there asking questions and getting to the bottom of this? Have we become a society of passive citizens (and candidates) who would rather sit around and complain after something happens? The average voter can only assume by her silence that Melina Kennedy is a) supportive of the deal and/or b) set to benefit from the deal(through her law firm working on it). It will be extremely unfortunate if this water deal (as it's set in the MOU) goes through and because of "political game-playing" no one but Brian Williams stepped up and took on the challenge. The more I think about that, the more I like Brian Williams.

Anonymous said...

Abdul wont touch the tough questions. duck and spin is his MO. big wussie.

Jon E. Easter said...

I don't think this is getting any traction because I don't think people have the time to sit down and understand the entire issue.

Chris Worden said...

Anon 11:55:

Call me a cynic, but your comment seems a bit too sophisticated for the "common commentator," so I'm wondering whether you're already a hardcore Brian Williams supporter acting the part of Joe Citizen.

I say this because the list of people who have spoken out about this deal include not just Brian Williams, but City-County Councillor Jose Evans, the Indianapolis Star, and a slew of Democratic blogs (this one included). I have detailed before that Melina is prohibited ethically from speaking out on this deal and that she won't benefit financially from this deal through her association in an "of counsel" position with Baker & Daniels.

I have no doubt Brian Williams is absolutely sincere im his objection to this deal, but you can't deny that he's also engaging in political tactics by pointing out he's the only one asking questions when HE knows Melina can't say anything. It's kind of like

It pains me that she can't speak on this, and I've said as much. But (and maybe this was your larger point) it's not up to Melina alone to make this opposition - there are a multitude of city-county councillors, state representatives, senators, and party officials who are weighing in righ now who can go after this deal. If it passes, then a LOT of Democrats will have to say we missed the boat. We can't put this at Melina Kennedy's feet.

But, yes, as I've also said before, to date, Brian Williams' critique has been the most specific by far.

You'll find if you read this blog that I give credit where it is due, but I don't give demerits where they aren't.

Thanks for reading, and if I've mistakenly diagnosed you as a political operative, you have my sincere apology. (You have a future in politics!)


Had Enough Indy? said...

I like Brian Williams and am impressed with his analysis of the water company deal. I also have to say that it is disappointing that Melina Kennedy is not finding a path to weigh in on this most important issue.

All that said, the difference between Mayor Ballard's number and Cary Lykins' number is due to two items. One is the remainder of a capital improvement fund (I think I have the fund correct) of about $50 million that will not transfer to Citizens. The other is a $189 m bond issue that would be guaranteed with Payments in Lieu of Taxes to be paid by Citizens for the new assets it would get from the deal. These moneys would not be paid at the time of the sale and thus, Lykins' clarification of the impression Ballard was giving.

Prop 132 is being introduced to the Council Monday night - it is for the bond. Prop 131, also introduced Monday night, is for the sale of the water and sewer utility.

I bring these up not to attest to their wisdom or foolhardiness; just for completeness sake. All of us need to be reviewing the details, not just Brian Williams. Hats off to Williams anyway.